What kind of skin is Crazy Horse? Use durable leather material for 50 years

by:JIYALI     2021-07-25

Crazy horse leather is a kind of leather that is very popular nowadays. It is often used on leather shoes and leather bags. It has a very good texture and is extremely durable, so it is very popular. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what kind of leather is Crazy Horse?

What kind of skin is Crazy Horse Leather

Crazy Horse Leather refers to cowhide that has been rubbed with wind horse oil.

Crazy horse leather is short for a leather-making process, popularly called mad cowhide in Taiwan, and oil-impregnated leather in China. The hand feels smooth, and the skin will change color when pushed by hand. The material is mainly the first layer of cowhide embryo, which belongs to the middle and high-end leather. Crazy horse leather has a messy and disorderly surface, a strong feel of leather, and can show the color change effect of the base color when it is pressed. , Because of its better flexibility, it is especially suitable for high-end belt products. The sales volume of Crazy Horse leather products in foreign countries, especially in Europe, America and Japan, is much higher than the domestic sales; because foreigners' consumer opinions have higher acceptance of Crazy Horse leather products. Crazy Horse leather products have special scratches, but as time goes by, it will become brighter and brighter. The quality is relatively excellent leather products.

How about Crazy Horse Leather

Because of the rough texture and relatively simple craftsmanship of Crazy Horse Leather, this leather material can be produced even in small factories, so the price is Market suppression and large quantities of stocks have caused many early domestic handmade brands (such as a cottage) to make large batches of handmade style leather goods from this leather. At this time, the handwork was distorted into rough, strong, The definition of casual, of course, this may also be the most preliminary understanding of handmade leather goods when most people enter the industry.

The goodness of this style of leather goods is that once you determine the version, you can quickly Speed u200bu200bproduction, when a factory does not have stable distributors, mass shipments are the basis for survival. For example, the basic equipment of a luggage factory: countertop, oiler, turner, pattern maker, cutter , Changing, etc., and this type of leather goods can simplify the process the most: because the leather is relatively stiff and easy to process, there is no need to over-adjust the traces of the car line (itself is a rough leather, there will not be many people Very picky about the stitches), the board is straight, so there is no need for a long-term pattern maker, the countertop is basically not used, the oiling side is not needed, the cutting is easy to drive, etc., only the car! The car! The car! So Crazy Horse is fast It has become a representative of mass production, non-A goods, and style (handmade rough style), and has a good market acceptance.

Because of the processability and surface characteristics of this leather material (of course there are many very good Crazy Horse skins, but they are relatively rare), it is difficult to make a qualitative leap in more complex processing. As a result, workers in the manual industry, or those in the manual industry above the semi-professional level, rarely choose this leather to make the finished product when they have style needs: at the same time, I make a horse hip and force Ge didn't know where the height went.

How to see the quality of Crazy Horse leather

The first one: see if the stitching of the whole car is neat, uniform, textured, and threaded, if you want to see Leather, we must first smell it, there is a plastic smell of plastic, the lines are fake, the smell of leather is a bit like the smell of moving the body, these experiences also depend on accumulation. This description is actually what most people think.

Second place: It mainly depends on the exquisiteness of the leather and the better effect of the inner lining. This is the main reason. The other is between the smell of leather and the smell of many wallets. The difference is the main thing of what brand, whether it is leather or craftsmanship, you can't see it.

The third one: If you buy a leather product, you can pinch it with your hand, and the mark will disappear soon. It can also be of high quality.

What are the characteristics of leather products?

1. The smooth leather in leather is used in many leather products, because smooth leather has good tensile strength, dirt resistance, abrasion resistance and good Breathability.

2. Suede leather is not only elegant in appearance, but also has good air permeability. But the disadvantage is that it is easy to get dirty and not easy to maintain. Especially in a bad environment, suede shoes are easy to inhale dust. The fluff will fall down again after water.

3, there is a kind of leather called modified leather, modified leather is processed and painted on the leather surface, and it can be pressed with different lines, some of the painted leather is thick, wear-resistant and Poor air permeability.

4. Genuine leather and fur leather are semi-natural and semi-processed clothing materials. With the continuous improvement of domestic tanning technology, the same type of leather can be added to many different styles of leather, so it is for consumption It is difficult to identify the type of leather, and there are many different types of clothing leather.

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