What kind of school bag to carry for school? These three are very suitable

by:JIYALI     2021-06-28

It’s the end of August now, and the students will start school soon. Many people should be wondering what schoolbags they have to carry to school. It must be convenient and durable, but not too ugly. Make it!

Large-capacity and dirt-resistant schoolbags

What kind of bag should you carry at the beginning of school to be more academic? First of all, the capacity must be large enough. Whether you are a good student, homework and test papers are a large pile, and it is also a lot of pressure.

This capacity can really be assured. The color is light-tone Mocha brown, which is very resistant to dirt. The college is full of wind, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant materials, super large space, 14-inch notebooks, wallets, umbrellas and other daily necessities can be covered.

Polka dot British style schoolbag

The hot polka dot elements. If you don’t wear enough this summer, let’s carry it on your back in autumn. The contrasting pattern of red and white big polka dots, with brown leather buckle, the details are well done, and the whole is a strong British style.

Although the capacity is not as big as the first one, it is enough for daily use. Choose the red color to report happily, and the price/performance ratio is worth starting.

High-quality fabric canvas bag

This is an Oxford canvas fabric. The surface pattern is screen-printed, so don’t worry about fading. The pattern is a wild pattern designed by independent illustrator Zoe. , Suitable for you who are whimsical.

This is a product that many little cuties have always trusted. They are crazy about calling products. Manufacturers also pay special attention to the fans' ideas. At the request of consumers, let the back connect to the main floor. The zipper is changed to an independent zipper, which is convenient for storing valuables. How can such a caring product not be moved?

What kind of bag do you carry to school? Are you entangled? Keep it simple, just choose one of three.

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