What kind of retro bags are popular this year? They are temperamental and the price is very sweet

by:JIYALI     2021-07-09

In addition to good-looking clothes for summer wear, it also has a small bag concave shape to be fashionable! Recently, the retro small bags that Korean girls are very popular are not only very temperamental, but also very sweet. If you don’t know how to choose, just Let the editor push you to pit it~ and all the articles introduced by the editor can be purchased on Taobao. It is super convenient to purchase without purchasing!

What kind of retro bags are popular this year?

# Retro strap bucket bag

The bucket bag is really an unbeaten classic. Whether it is autumn, winter or summer, it will look good when you carry it when you go out~ I recommend this stitching and contrast bucket bag. Compared with the common camel And black, it seems to be more suitable for summer! Whether it is a small dress or plain T, it looks very good, it is very suitable for young girls!

# Hand-held shoulder Back dual-use pouch

If you are too lazy to wear it seriously, a T-shirt can also be matched with a super cute retro pouch! Like this cross-body pouch, it can be carried or cross-backed, it’s up to you. Today's mood~Because it is a mini type, it is very suitable for a short girl. I am not afraid that the big bag will make myself look bloated and short legs.

#Ring buckle one-shoulder bucket bag

This small bag is full of design. You can carry the handbag through the wooden ring buckle. If you just want to buy a cup of coffee at the alley, take it out to be fashionable~ I think it is especially suitable for wearing a suspender skirt, very cute and playful~

# Mini cat ear bag

This bag looks a bit like a British bag, but have you noticed its small ears on the bag? Cat slaves must accept it~ I think this kind of yellow It is very suitable for summer. Wearing a white shirt and denim shorts on the upper body, the whole is spicy and cute! Although its size is a bit small, as long as it can hold a mobile phone, a coin purse, and a lipstick is enough.

# Harajuku straw woven small square bag

The most indispensable item in summer is the 'woven bag'. When you go to an island country to carry it, it is the tide~small I think this bag looks a bit like an envelope bag from a distance. At first glance, it can only hold a mobile phone, but in fact it has a wider bottom, and a long clip should be OK! This bag is super suitable for flat sandals~< /p>

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