What kind of oil is used for purse care? Pay attention to these

by:JIYALI     2021-07-22

Leather bags can be said to be something that everyone will use, but we can’t just use them. Maintenance is also very important. We still need to apply oil regularly. So what kind of oil should we use for leather bags?

What kind of oil is used for leather bag care

It is best to use professional leather care oil for leather bag care.

There are many good oils for leather maintenance on the Internet and in supermarkets. In fact, a lot of oils can be used! But the most important thing is to remember that the oiliness is not spoiled, because some oils are oxidized. It will have an oily smell after a period of time. This is not appropriate.

How to oil the leather bag

1. Clean the leather bag with a leather cleaner, and apply a little bit of the dry towel to the stain evenly with the cleaner.

2. Wipe off scum with a wringed towel and dry in the shade.

3. Remove the brightener cover, replace the sponge body cover and tighten it, and put it upside down for a while before use.

4. When using brightener, let the sponge lightly touch the surface of the leather bag to prevent a large amount of liquid from overflowing. Paint the purse evenly and hang it to dry in the shade.

5. When using, you should first wipe it in the leather bag (inside) to see if there is any change in the luster of the leather, and then all the oil is applied.

6. When wiping the purse by yourself, it is often repeated in a straight line. In this way, the force is from large to small, or from small to large. The force is uneven, and the cleanliness of the purse is also uneven. Damage to the cortex should be done gradually by gently rotating a small part when wiping.

Note: Please choose sunny weather when using the care agent. It is advisable to use a small amount of the care agent, and it is not advisable to repeatedly scrub back and forth.

Precautions for leather bag care

1. The leather bag should be stored in a dry and ventilated place.

2. The leather bag should not be exposed to the sun as much as possible, nor can it be washed, sharp objects hit and chemical solvents.

3, leather bags should pay attention to anti-fouling. If there are stains on the leather, wipe it with a clean damp cotton cloth moistened with a warm detergent, and then let it air dry.

4. It is not advisable to use shoe polish casually.

5. The leather bag needs to be protected from wet water and gasoline cleaning. Water can harden the leather, and gasoline easily volatilizes and cracks the oil in the leather bag.

Cleaning method of leather bag

One: It is better to wash with 90% alcohol. It is to wipe with a clean and colorless towel. This is the best way to wash it yourself. The leather goods and clothes of frosted suede should be taken care of when using and wearing them. If this kind of bag is light-colored and dirty, professionals can't help it. Unless it is dark, it can be covered with color. Dirty colors, but the effect is also unsatisfactory, not to mention light colors.

Two: Use a special leather cleaner, sold in supermarkets, or use toothpaste. However, it is impossible to clean the dermis so cleanly, because the dermis will leave traces over time, which is the uniqueness of the dermis. And toothpaste cannot always be used. Remember that the products sold in the supermarket are for ordinary ordinary leather, which means that we intuitively seem to have good light quality. If it is a leather bag with only frosted suede, the two types of leather are worlds apart, and there is no ideal product for washing this type of leather in China.

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