What kind of money is in the wallet? What things in the wallet can attract wealth

by:JIYALI     2021-07-12

The wallet can be said to be the gathering place of Feng Shui. From the color to the style, to the things in the wallet, it is very influential. Everyone should pay attention to everything. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what kind of money is in your wallet?

What to put in the wallet for fortune?

1. Put red envelopes

Putting red envelopes in the wallet means good luck and wealth, which is a very auspicious meaning; if If this red envelope was given by someone else, the effect of attracting money would be even better.

2, put the magic charms

The magic charms are the carrier of injecting the information of heaven, earth, man, and gods. They are the words of the gods and convey the will of the gods, and can relieve all the sufferings of the world. Thousands of wishes were fulfilled. There are many types of magical charms, and their uses are different. Put money-enhancing charms in your wallet.

3. Put copper coins

Among the metal currencies, copper coins are the main one in the past. Putting the copper coin in the bag means that you have a lot of money, which is a very good meaning. If you tie a red rope, the effect of attracting money will be better.

If you put copper coins, you can choose five emperor coins. It refers to the ancient coins of Emperor Shunzhi, Emperor Kangxi, Emperor Yongzheng, Emperor Qianlong, and Emperor Jiaqing that circulated in the Qing Dynasty. The reason is that real ancient coins have been used by thousands of people after hundreds of years of exhibition and transfer. A certain amount of energy, and these five emperors were located in the more prosperous era of the Qing Dynasty. They gathered heaven, earth, and human beings. Therefore, they had the functions of gathering wealth, prospering wealth, transforming evil spirits, town houses, and preventing villains.

4. New year's money given to the elderly

New year's money, the Han nationality's new year, means to exorcise evil spirits, blessing health and safety in the new year, put the new year's money given by the elders into the wallet , Can also play a role in attracting wealth.

5. Enlarged denominations of foreign currencies

Many people like to put foreign currencies in their wallets. One purpose of this is to collect them; the other is to gather wealth. The more foreign currency varieties, the better, and the larger the denomination, the better.

How to choose a wallet

First, the color of the wallet must be in line with your numerology, you must know what color you like and avoid, and avoid wallets that do not suit your color. If you don’t know your numerology preferences, then, generally speaking, the color of your wallet is black, gold, brown, or red.

Second, the style of the wallet is very important. Generally speaking, friends should pay attention to choosing a button wallet, preferably not a zipper wallet. Otherwise, not only will you not increase your wealth but you will leak your wealth, unless you are the owner of the company or a person with a large number of wealth.

Third, the shape of the wallet is very heavy. Usually the wallet is more rectangular. We should try our best to avoid round or irregular wallets.

Fourth, you must choose a high-quality wallet. You can't be poor at anything. This is easy to understand, just like your home must have a safe.

Fifth, the location of the wallet should be appropriate. Although some friends did the first few items right, the arrangement of their wallets is very random. The wallet cannot be placed on the shoe cabinet at the door of the house at will, otherwise the probability of losing money is very high.

The purse pendant for lucky money

Speaking of the mascot of fortune, I have to mention the beast with powerful ability to attract fortune—Pixiu. Whether in the private sector or in the upper class, Pai Yao has an excellent reputation for attracting wealth. There is an old saying: 'One touch of the brave for good luck, the second touch of the brave to make money, and the third touch of the brave for money.' There is also a legend that Paixiu was originally the nine princes of the Dragon King, who used wealth as food and was full of jewels, because it has no mouth. The anus, so it has always been only in and out of it, to attract wealth and treasure. Pai Yao has a very good effect on reaping fortune and making a fortune. Therefore, we can inlay the image of brave on the purse to make the purse more and more effective.

How to maintain the wallet

Method 1: Cheap and easy-to-use lens cleaning cloth decontamination method

The lens cleaning cloth always uses leather cleaner to wipe the leather For similar bags, just gently wipe and evenly apply the bag to restore its luster, because it is soft and will not scratch your beloved bag.

Method two, one gray at both ends and one white with eraser decontamination method

The bag of suede material can be gently wiped with a white eraser to remove slight dirt or use gray The eraser removes serious dirt, but pay attention to rubbing lightly and vigorously.

Method three, toothpaste partial cleaning method

Except for silk, silk and satin bags, you can try toothbrush with toothpaste for partial cleaning. Simple and practical leather wallet.

Method 4. Cool, ventilate and dry in the shade

After cleaning, each material of the bag should be placed in a ventilated place to dry in the shade. Do not take it to the sun, because the bag is at this time. When it is the most fragile, the bag will fade or the leather will become hard and brittle under sudden high temperature exposure.

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