What kind of leather is oil wax leather? You must have bought a bag of this material

by:JIYALI     2021-07-28

Oil wax leather is a common material on bags and sofas. The texture is particularly good, and it is more convenient to maintain and save trouble. The following editor on No. 5 will tell you what kind of leather is waxy leather?

What is oil wax leather?

Oil wax leather is a very common leather craft.

Oil wax skin is a kind of leather tanning process, which needs to be separated from the production process of ordinary leather in the water plant process. The main difference is the tanning stage. Ordinary leather mainly adopts chrome tanning, vegetable tanning, aldehyde tanning and so on. Oil wax leather is oil tanned. After the leather is tanned and dyed, the leather is soft, elastic and strong. In the later finishing process, oily and waxy feel agents are used. The leather made is very suitable for the production of clothing, bags and so on. It changes over time, and the more you use it, the more flavor it is. The more the leather is used, the more beautiful it is, and the gloss becomes higher and higher.

The advantages of oil wax leather

Oil wax leather is a special glossy skin effect formed by polishing, oiling and waxing the first layer of cowhide. It is a kind of antique art. The effect of fashionable leather craftsmanship is also the first-choice leather of the world's major first-line brands.

Because of its process characteristics, the surface of the oil wax leather is easy to leave scratches, which will disappear after applying it with a soft cloth or leather wax.

In addition, oil wax leather has strong water and oil absorption. The part that sticks to water and oil will darken the color of the leather surface. In fact, these characteristics of oil wax leather will change over time. Precipitation, the more you use it, the more attractive it is, and the higher the gloss. It gives people a feeling of nostalgia and vicissitudes, which is the main reason for its popularity.

Types of oil wax leather

The oil wax effect of oil wax leather includes many kinds: ordinary oil wax oil wax leather, white mist wax oil wax leather, cationic wax oil wax leather Wait. The more commonly used is the oil wax effect: the oily surface effect is as if a layer of oil wax has been rubbed on the surface of the leather. White mist wax oily wax skin, the surface is like a layer of white mist, hazy. Wipe with cotton cloth to show the background color. Cationic wax oil wax skin, the surface is not visible, but as long as the leather is folded or rubbed, you will see the blending of the complexion and the background color.

Many leathers need sizing, and there is a lot of paper under the sizing. The repair of broken skins has revealed that everyone knows that the price of broken skins is very different from the price of no broken skins. In order to expand profit margins, huge profits are driven by broken skins to cover the domestic market.

Small knowledge: The residual skin goes through the process of 'remnantThe first layer of skin, but you are still fooled, because it is not a good first layer of skin (lychee pattern leather is our most common type).

The oil wax leather is processed from the finest raw material leather. The leather surface retains the natural state such as pores and scratches during the life of the cow. It has excellent air permeability.

How to judge the quality of oil wax leather

1. The production process of oil wax leather requires a good leather material to be made, and the surface has the natural color shade transition of the leather material. Many of the common embossed leathers are made of crushed leather, such as litchi leather. From the surface, it is impossible to identify the quality of the leather.

2, Greasy wax leather looks shiny and oily, but the brighter it looks, it may not be a good waxy leather.

3, the oily wax leather feels soft and delicate, strong and elastic, so the oily wax leather bag of Balenciaga can be used for many years without change. The fake oil wax leather feels harder due to the coating, and does not have a warm hand feel. The surface of real oil wax leather has a natural fold texture, soft texture and high tension, which can not be imitated by fake oil wax leather.

4, because the surface of the oil wax leather does not have any coating, it is very absorbent to oil and water, and the color will darken quickly. Fake or repaired inferior oil wax leather will have much poorer water absorption and air permeability because of the surface coating.

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