What kind of clothes look good with the waist bag? Fancy matching of the waist bag

by:JIYALI     2021-07-18

The waist bag has become a must-have fashion item since it was originally considered very earthy. When we match it, we can choose to match it with a shirt, a suit, a T-shirt, or even a two-world one. The dresses are also very nice to match together.

Waistbag with shirts

This kind of small waistbag has been too popular in the past two years. Among them, matching shirts can be said to be the most suitable way to match in spring. A simple shirt and half skirt with a waist bag between Embellishment can not only play a fashionable role, but also make the whole body look more layered, which can kill two birds with one stone.

Waistbag with suit

The second set is a little more retro. A waistbag is added to the outside of the suit, which is very high-end, and the suit itself is of this silhouette It will be a bit short, but with the dividing line of the waist bag, it will appear that the legs are longer and the proportions are better.

Waistbag with a dress

The last set of collocation is more special. This is Jolin Tsai’s set at the airport. The gucci waist bag is used to match a slightly more formal dress. , This kind of collision is not something ordinary people can control, but she wears it very nicely, and the red waist bag also plays a very good role in brightening.

Have you learned the matching of these three waist bags?

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