What kind of clothes look good with a tooling bag?

by:JIYALI     2021-06-29

Working style clothing has now exploded. In fact, in addition to clothing, tooling style accessories are also very popular. Among them, tooling style bags are quite popular among young people. So what kind of clothes are generally matched with tooling bags? Does it look good?

With a denim jacket

No matter how you match the clothes, it feels a little weird. In fact, you still have to carry a bag! I can give everyone an Amway. Because I just bought a tooling messenger bag some time ago, it's super cool! It's the kind that is practical and beautiful. So I want Amway to give it to everyone!

With a work jacket

This bag is a relatively large version, which is very suitable for sports or travel. It also has a daily concave shape. Yes, it is suitable for the cool street style collocation. Usually I like to wear a work jacket to carry it. It is cool! That is, when I carry the bag on my back, the whole person feels very sunny, a little fashionista. Summer is coming soon, and I think it looks good in summer when wearing a T-shirt and wearing it.

With a T-shirt

This tooling bag is really super-fitting, and it’s no problem for me to bring a set of clothes to change every day. It looks like I'm a bit strong, bulging. In addition, its quality is 8 wrong. I have been carrying it for two months, and I have not seen any wear and tear. This bag is really good. The concave shape is first-class! I don’t know how to match it with it. It’s OK. Put one on your shoulder, super handsome!

The combination of these three tooling bags is very beautiful.

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