What kind of clothes does the Cambridge bag look good with British fans?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-07

Friends who like the British style are definitely familiar with Cambridge bags. When we carry Cambridge bags, we usually wear more casual clothes, but in fact, Cambridge bags are also equipped with ol-style shirts or playful little skirts. They are all very nice.

Cambridge bag with casual suit

The first set of matching is a standard British style. The stiff casual suit and T-shirt are very casual. Don’t look at the fancy suit jacket. We It can still be matched with Cambridge bags of other colors, as long as the whole color is dark, it will be more aura with a smaller Cambridge bag here.

Cambridge bag with smart shirt

The classic Cambridge bag is not only a casual style, but also a OL style shirt suit. It also feels good. The fresh bean paste green gives a very It feels comfortable, looks particularly good-looking, and has a particularly good temperament. In fact, you can choose the model of the Cambridge bag according to your height, which will be more suitable.

Cambridge bags with playful skirts

Finally, when we wear colorful skirts in summer, we can still match Cambridge bags. Don’t worry about the color of Cambridge bags. The fancy, after all, the Cambridge bag is a solid color, you only need to choose the color that echoes the elements on your body, it is very energetic.

Which one do you like the combination of these three Cambridge bags?

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