What kind of clothes does a straw woven bag go with? Summer is not complete without a straw woven bag.

by:JIYALI     2021-07-17

Straw bags are popular every spring and summer. This year is no exception. The size is all-encompassing. From the TOTE bag that can only hold mobile phones and credit cards, it is made with straw elements. In the summer breeze, the focus is very versatile, and it’s also very fashionable to carry it to work~

#Big is beautiful! Tote bags are the trend of this season's straw woven bags

Valentino and LOEWE spring and summer shows, both appear Straw woven bags, all of the tote size, are more than enough for a two-day and one-night trip! LOEWE adds leather accessories and colorful woven straws to make straw woven bags luxurious and extravagant.

The straw tote bag has always been the favorite of actresses and fashion bloggers in summer, and Ruisi Weisipeng (left), who wears the celebrity style of the city, likes to wear a small dress with a straw bag. A gentleman's hat with a sunshade is refreshing and elegant; British fashion blogger Miss Alexa Chung also demonstrated the standard style of a small holiday dress. The straw bag made of lace weaves is so girly.

Olivia Palermo, the No. 1 socialite in New York, is a straw-woven bag. Whether it’s going to work, shopping or on vacation, it’s the same straw-woven bag. It doesn’t go against all kinds of summer outfits. It can be said to have the highest CP value. All-match bag models.

#Small straw bag is light and cute, and the special shape is more distinguished.

Although the tote bag is convenient, but when you don’t want to carry so many things and want to relax your shoulders, the small-sized bag is what girls like ~. The navy striped bag of PoppyDelevigne (left), the sister of Carla with thick eyebrows, is like Baby TOTE, small and cute! Even if it is plain, it will not be too simple and lose its sense of style~.

Speaking of straw bags, I have to mention this Jacquemus straw bag, which became popular in the fashion circle at the beginning of this year. After the spring and summer show, it became an instant hit and became the best accessory for fashionistas from all walks of life. The eye-catching beard bag, even if it is simple to wear, can brighten up the look in one second, and everyone will like it.

#Small bamboo baskets that are loved by fashionable people are super eye-catching.

If you want a better look, the small bamboo basket is the best choice. Hand-made bamboo baskets with a touch of Southeast Asia are popular this year. It feels like Nyonya cake XD is installed. It has a sense of vacation when you hold it in your hand. It is easy to create an effortless fashion. It is especially suitable for the super-tamped flax West in this spring and summer (left) );Of course, it is also a mochi accessory for a long dress.

The small bamboo basket is also very suitable for hot girls to dress up~ Whether it is Miss Zhong’s hot pants or fashion blogger Aimee Song’s short dress, it has the effect of adding temperament in a second, creating a girly feeling.

It’s okay for the gentle lady to go on a date with a dress. It will immediately make you a ladylike girl with a dress. However, the smaller the basket size, the better. For example, the small basket of Nicky Hilton (left), otherwise easy. Misunderstood to go to a picnic XD. If you want to be more fashionable, you can learn from the American actress Kate Bosworth with this season's popular kitten and pointed shoes, which are good-looking and easy to walk~.

Which straw bag do the girls most want to start with? Welcome to leave a message and share with us~

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