What kind of chain bag is popular this year? This year's hottest chain bag style recommendation

by:JIYALI     2021-07-08

The chain bag is a very popular style in spring and summer. The carrying is particularly good-looking, and the texture of the chain is also very tall. It matches well with clothes in the spring and summer. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what kind of chain bags are popular this year?

Pure color chain bag

The chain bag is a mature style-based chain bag. It has a simple but characteristic design and a chain design full of metal texture, which adds a lot to your aura , Not only very versatile, but also show off your charm!

Small bags can be matched with shirt dresses. The soft cherry blossom pink color injects vitality and charming charm into the match. Full of girlishness. The enveloping diamond pattern and exquisite pendants add the finishing touch. It is very suitable for this small bag in leisure activities, just to bring out the feeling of that charming little girl.

Tassel chain bag

Fresh and fashionable tassel elements meet the fire chain bag of course is a fashion that cannot be rejected. Fashionable appearance and versatile features make the trendy people love it, of course you can’t miss the bag in spring and summer!

This small square bag has a simple overall shape and a compact bag. The type is very delicate and lovely, which makes people happy. The embossing process makes the surface texture clear, coupled with the good color of the leather, and rich in three-dimensional layering. The color-blocking metal tassel pendant adds a sense of agility, and is stylish and elegant with a slender chain shoulder strap.

Contrasting color chain bag

Different from the luxury of leather bags, the designers of PECO spliced u200bu200bleather and tweed fabrics to make the rough tweed look younger, combined with the leather flap The blessing contains a touch of low-key nobility; the classic tweed fabric, rich colors combined with distinct layering, reveal a touch of sweetness and elegance, combined with the golden lock decoration, add a more gorgeous.

This Yumiko bag has a small and exquisite body, which is a bit like a bucket bag but more three-dimensional. There is a compartment in the middle to accommodate daily necessities; it has a metal chain hand There are also long leather shoulder straps, color-blocking strip cover, metal ring decoration, European and American fashion sense.

These several different styles of chain bags are very suitable for carrying now. In the summer, let's say goodbye to the heavy and large bags. Let's change into the lightweight chain bags together.

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