What kind of black bags are popular this year? Recommended black bag styles

by:JIYALI     2021-07-08

The black bag is very classic. Almost every girl has one. When wearing clothes and don't know how to match the bag, the black bag can come in handy. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what kind of black bags are popular this year?

Black handbag

The black handbag is a classic among the classics. Any combination can be full of fashion sense. Like Ken Dou, it uses black sweater + leather pants, low-key fashion sense, and black and red sneakers. The hand-held black bag with a moderate size is practical and beautiful, and the crisp bag is full of texture, which can add full marks to the styling.

The simple and three-dimensional bag shape, the design of minimalist lines, and the smoothness reveal a sense of perseverance. It is not only fashionable but also follows the trend of neutral wind, but also has a good size. With matching, white stitching on the side reshapes the classic black and white, the metal logo embellishes the exquisite atmosphere, and the handle joint is made of high-quality hardware, revealing low-luxury temperament.

Black ring bag

The ring has become popular as a separate element, not only on the small black bag, but also on the waistband, zipper, neck, and ring Trends are everywhere. When the ring meets the small black bag, the metallic color and the black charm come into a wonderful collision, fashionable and full of street personality.

Bold and personalized metal ring handles, fashionable and stylish, high light sensitivity, cute, exquisite and stylish, leather half-wrapped, intimate consideration of contact with the palm The comfort of the noodles. The high-quality fabrics are delicate and textured, highlighting the taste and grade, the exquisite car line craftsmanship is obvious, and the uniform positioning is very beautiful and atmospheric.

Black wing bag

The wing bag pays special attention to the arc-shaped aesthetics. There will be wings-like designs on both sides, which can increase the capacity and create a unique sense of shape. On the back of the street, it releases an elegant and feminine taste, and precipitates the charming charm brought by the years.

Finally, this exquisite little black bag with wings is also not good-looking. This bag cleverly uses the zipper design in the design, which will have a more workplace feel.

These black bags above are very beautiful, black bags are definitely a must have color in all your bags, hurry up and buy them!

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