What kind of bags look good on vacation? What bag is suitable for taking on vacation?

by:JIYALI     2021-06-28

Many people pay attention to the matching of clothes when they are on vacation. In fact, we not only need to match a beautiful outfit, but the corresponding bag is also very important. When taking pictures, the bag is a great bonus. Let's come See which styles of bags are suitable for taking pictures!

PVC handbags

This year, the trend of PVC is unstoppable. Shoes use this element, and bags are certainly not to be outdone. Many girls don't understand, or just a layer of transparent 'plastic

Use it like a normal bag, and put all the mess in it, of course it’s not beautiful. However, if you put a magazine or a relatively good wallet like this, it is quite advanced.

Net bag handbag

The net bag that can be seen everywhere in the daily supermarket fruit store. This year, the bag uses this element to be very grounded, and it is regarded as one of the more civilians in this year's fashion trend. Money.

Don't underestimate it, it was born in France in the 1860s, so it is another retro trend. The fishnet bucket bag that has the highest acceptance among the ways to play this year is the basic model that is super chic.

Straw tote bag

Fairies should be familiar with this bag. The sweet straw bag of the pastoral girl is fresh and natural, and the daily collocation is super French and elegant.

The round, basket-like log-color straw woven bag, the most primitive tone is simple and gentle. Indispensable to show the color of the straw bag, the girl's concave shape is also so amazing and powerful.

Girls are always buying new bags. I don’t know which of these 3 bags do you like?

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