What kind of bags do boys carry in spring and summer? Recommended styles of men's bags in spring and summer

by:JIYALI     2021-07-26

In the spring and summer, the clothes of boys will become thinner and thinner. At this time, it is still very important to have a good-looking bag, which is convenient and fashionable. Then in the spring and summer, what are the bags suitable for boys to carry? Where's the bag?


A good briefcase is very durable. For office workers, it is necessary to choose a briefcase with a long service life~ In the choice of briefcase, according to the nature of our work, Black and brown are the most versatile. They can show a rigorous style, and they can't go wrong.


Take my personal experience as an example, in addition to briefcases, backpacks are often used in life . In daily life, I go to see solo exhibitions, listen to sharing sessions, etc. It is too restrained to carry a briefcase. A backpack is more suitable. It is versatile and fits the age. This backpack belongs to Fan Kejia. The entire bag is made of leather as the main fabric. There is no fixed version design. The whole presents a casual and natural feeling.

A small diagonal backpack

The bags mentioned above can be enlarged, but sometimes you only need to go out Just bring the keys and other small parts. At this time, you need a simple small backpack~ With it, small things that are easy to forget: mobile phones, keys, and power banks can be easily worn on your body.

Do you like these three bags?

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