What kind of bags are popular these days

by:JIYALI     2021-06-25

Every girl never dislikes too many bags. In fact, many people like to buy bags in particular. I feel that every outfit must be matched with one. Then what are the popular bag styles recently? What?

Jelly bag

Do you think the jelly bag looks like a jelly? Haha, it's actually the same. There are transparent and colorful transparent colors, which are as attractive and cute as jelly. It is most suitable for cute and playful young ladies. With a beautiful dress and a refreshing ball head or a playful double ponytail, it is definitely the smallest and freshest existence this summer. Cute ladies can’t miss such an exquisite bag!

Transparent laser master tape, high-quality pu leather bag, and mother-in-one bag design allows you to use one bag for two purposes . A variety of backing methods, you can switch at will, so that it is super cost-effective in both the purpose and the money you buy! In terms of color, the laser master tape is as dazzling as a brilliant rainbow under the sunlight.

Bucket bag

Don't think that the bucket bag is based on the bucket, which is as big and thick as a big bucket. In fact, the bucket bag is very small, and it is suitable for any occasion, whether you are going shopping or going to work! The simple bucket bag, without losing the generous or exquisite compact design, full of small details, deep Loved by young ladies.

A bucket bag with a flamingo theme, three flamingos of different shapes, elegant, sweet, and graceful. The body, neck, and mouth are all made into three-dimensional, lifelike design, exquisite and stylish design! With pink, pink and tender, it can be called an age-reducing artifact! The drawstring closure bag mouth design makes it easy to use More convenient.

Small square bag

Small square bag is the most common bag among girls' shoulder bags. When it comes to seniority, it can also be on the list. No matter whether it is a big bag or a small bag, my lady likes it, and now the small square bag has some changes and no longer has a simple style like before. The small square bag with more ingenious design gradually captures the favor of the ladies again with a new attitude, and the more beautiful styles are why people can’t help but buy it!

This The classic style of uncomplicated design can keep you on the back for a long time and will not be out of date. The customized pu material makes the bag more textured! The metal shoulder strap with a ring, a thin shoulder strap of the same color, and two different styles of shoulder straps can meet your needs for switching between two styles!< /p>

These three bags are all pretty!

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