What kind of bag looks good with a skirt? How to match a bag with a skirt

by:JIYALI     2021-07-20

No matter how beautiful the clothes are, the wrong bag is simply out of style, girlfriends party? Male ticket dating? Company socializing? Colleagues dinner? Throughout the year, no one has a few happy or important appointments or entertainment. The love of beauty is something everyone has, let alone our beauties! Before accepting the appointment, you must dress yourself up beautifully. But in addition to choosing clothes, the matching of bags is also very important! Can't you go out in a dress and carry a big satchel? It is important to choose a bag that suits you! Although not as luxurious and grand as a celebrity walking on the red carpet, but also not as ordinary and casual as a daily passerby. How to choose? Let's wait and see!

What bag to wear with a dress?

Bags and shoes have always been women's topics. Everyday commuter bags and party handbags can't be missing! Let's take a look!

Shrink the bag to a slightly mini size, and it becomes our common clutch. With a dress skirt, it is beautiful Like a fairy who strayed into the world! This little thing has been loved by many women since it was born. You can see it in fashion week shows or off-site street shooting. Let you hold it in your hand, carry it on your wrist, low-key luxury, everything in the palm of your hand!

The key points of matching: 1. When matching a dress, try to choose a hand-held bag as much as possible. 2. The color choice can be matched with the color of the shoes, or one of the pigments in the color of the dress can be selected.

Combination recommendation:


Recommendation reason: illusion color diagonal cross-handle dual-use bag, outside the jewelry box With a black background and shiny silver finish, the colorful borders are more gorgeous and eye-catching, which is especially suitable for matching simple dresses.


Recommendation reason: This shiny metallic satin clutch is not only practical but also fashionable. The metal parts are closed with a bead button, which is practical and convenient. It is recommended to match light-colored clothing and high-heeled shoes of the same color.


Recommendation reason: The gorgeous satin decorative water ripple pattern beads make the whole clutch unique.

What kind of bag looks good on the skirt?

For those who can’t go out without worrying about carrying a big bag, hold it in your hand/tilt when you match the skirt. Cross-small bags are a good compromise. They have surprisingly ample capacity and at the same time allow you to maintain an elegant and indifferent posture when attending important occasions.

The key points of matching: 1. Keep the color on your body no more than three. 2. In the case of a single clothing element, you can use contrast colors or bright color bags as embellishments. 3. When encountering fancy and eye-catching clothing, Either take the same style elements as the bag, or choose a simple white is better

Combination recommendation:


Recommendation reason: high-quality cowhide fabric, hollow diamond engraving, free change of hand and shoulder, just to win your favor. The large internal space design, multi-function card slot and intimate bottom anti-wear, extend the service life of the beauty bag!


Recommendation reason: exquisite texture cowhide, matched with shell bag shape, fashion trend and personality. Comfortable handle, adjustable shoulder strap, suppressed logo, plus embellishment of the same color tag, accompany you to experience the baptism of fashion!


Recommendation reasons: high-quality fabrics, bright and shiny color, jelly box design, the air is full of sweet taste. The handle is designed according to human body art, with the same color zipper opening and closing, beautiful and practical, playful atmosphere!


Recommendation reason: Italian imported cowhide, soft, delicate and shiny, fashionable version, hand-made fine stitching, creating a unique art Product. High-grade hardware locks, anti-wear nails at the bottom, beautiful and practical, with excellent texture!


Recommendation reason: artificial synthetic leather fabric, polyester fiber lining, comfortable touch, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant. Contrasting color design, round buckle, adjustable chain stitching leather shoulder strap, bringing a new visual impact! Dear, put on your clothes, put on high heels, don’t forget to take your bag, let’s go HAPPY!

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