What kind of bag looks good with a denim jacket?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-28

Denim jackets are definitely a single product for everyone, and denim jackets of different thicknesses can meet your collocation throughout the year, and they are very personal. Then when we wear denim jackets, what bags should we carry? ?

With a white crossbody bag

Who said that we can only wear thick cotton or down jackets in winter? In fact, we can still wear retro and handsome denim clothes! For example, this lamb wool denim jacket, The light blue color is a good match, and you can go out with a pair of sweatpants!

With a bright color backpack

except for the classic version of the inside, there is The denim jacket with cotton added for cold weather is actually like a dark blue denim jacket or haze blue denim jacket. It is a good choice to wear a sweater or sweater inside. Then choose a bright yellow backpack that is very energetic.

With a black handbag

Of course, you can wear a denim jacket as you choose trousers. Casual sports pants or denim casual pants are OK. Button the baseball cap and double on your feet. Sports board shoes are simple overall without losing the power of boyfriends. Then choose a black handbag with a street style, and you will feel it right away.

Have you learned the matching of these three denim jackets and bags?

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