What kind of bag is suitable for small girls? These three models are super tall

by:JIYALI     2021-06-30

Many girls with relatively small children will be very entangled when choosing a bag. They need to consider the capacity of the bag, but also worry that if the bag is too large, they will appear shorter, so what kind of bag should a small girl carry? Does the bag look better?

The smaller the bag, the more refined the shape

Choose a small bag. This does not mean that petite girls in the workplace cannot use large bags for work. You can choose a medium-sized handbag that looks more upright. The style is better, and it is more three-dimensional than the large bag that has no shape.

You can choose some medium-sized bags from coach or mk. The capacity is larger than that of a small bag, but it will not be as difficult to hold as a large bag. It is the first choice for petite girls. But try not to choose large bags like shopping bags. Although they are economical and practical, they obscure the proportions.

Diagonal bags are better than handbags

Handbags are generally large-capacity models. Hand-carrying greatly affects the sense of height proportion and will increase the horizontal visual perception. And this kind of diagonal chain bag is very suitable.

Small bags are recommended, of course, Furla is recommended. Furla’s famous Huadan is a household name. Not only is it affordable, but also has many key tricks. The compact square bag is very versatile. . There are not only ordinary leather materials, but also jelly materials, which are very suitable for summer.

The backpack shoulder strap should not be too long.

Also note that even for diagonal bags, you should choose a style with a shorter chain shoulder strap, because if the chain is too long, it will lengthen the proportion of the upper body. Makes the length of the lower body shorter, the whole person looks 1.5 meters. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a bag with a suitable length of shoulder strap.

This swallow bag is specially customized for petite girls, it is definitely very tall!

So petite girls are too You can make your vision taller by dressing and matching!

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