What kind of bag is suitable for autumn? These three are super versatile

by:JIYALI     2021-07-21

In autumn wear, matching is actually very important. We should not only pay attention to the matching of clothes, but also different bags for different clothes. So in autumn, what kind of bags are generally suitable for carrying? Where's the bag?


Girls' love for bags is absolutely innate, and bags can often be a charming touch of a woman's charm. The styles of handbags are relatively small, which can better show the side of your little woman. With good clothes, it will be full of aura.

This color-blocking bag is very characteristic, the overall color is very attractive, and the bucket design is also super able to hold things.


Don't look too biased. Clutch and handbag are not the same kind. The most common occasion for clutch bags is at banquets, but with the promotion of fashion trends, everyone has started to have needs. This is a bag for men and women. It can perfectly match all your outfits, not to mention it. The temperament is different.

The classic style clutch, the hardware lock is very textured, and the letter logo also shows the vitality of the bag. The bag looks elegant and fashionable as a whole, with color It's great.


Speaking of waistbags, your first impression may be a small vendor in a vegetable market, then you will be out. This year, it is windy in the fashion industry. Watch 'Mom In 'It's Superman

The pink color successfully awakens my girl's heart. The pattern on the bag is a wonderful combination of age reduction, the hardware buckle assembly is fashionable and the belt can be adjusted. , It’s okay for you to have more than one bag on your back.

These bags above are quite suitable for use in autumn and winter.

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