What kind of bag is good for boys? What kind of bag is suitable for boys?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-26

Backpacks are not exclusive to girls. Many boys will bring a lot of things when they go out. So, what kind of bag is better for boys when they go out? Here are some recommendations for everyone.

Printed tote bag

In the layout design, a conventional square box design is adopted. The regular rectangle has a three-dimensional geometric beauty, and its pure white appearance has a more beautiful visual experience. It seems to have a strong sense of fashion. Moreover, this version effectively improves the overall storage performance and effectively increases the overall space capacity. The large round letter logo on the cover further highlights the brand's cultural charm and fashion effect.

Simple shoulder bag

The overall use of a square three-dimensional body skeleton, coupled with the details of the nylon fabric reel hand-made shoulder back, it looks unique and textured; the retro design style is integrated , To enhance the beauty, at the same time, the black classic elements are spliced u200bu200bto create a different casual style. Add the details of the package body into the production, highlighting the exquisite design theme.

Commuter messenger bag

As a qualified urban business person, you can't help getting involved in various tasks when you go out, and a small backpack is a must-have item. It is made with a single-shoulder strap, and the cross-body carrying method is also particularly convenient when using it. The double zipper closure not only plays a good role in safety protection, but also makes the backpack more fashionable and elegant.

These three different styles of messenger bags are quite suitable for boys to carry on their backs, and they can be worn and beautiful.

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