What kind of bag is good for a little guy in summer? Recommended cool bags

by:JIYALI     2021-06-30

For small girls, in the summer, you have to say goodbye to large bags. Small bags with light materials are more suitable for you. You can choose transparent pvc bags or very hot vegetable baskets. The bags are very good.

Transparent pvc bag

For girls who are a little bit smaller, when choosing a bag, in fact, this kind of transparent material bag will suit you very well, especially for girls who like large bags, ordinary leather bags. It will be very short when it is big, and it will look very cumbersome in summer, but the bag made of pvc material does not have to worry about this at all, even if it is bigger, it still feels very refreshing.

Rattan woven vegetable basket bag

In addition to the plastic bag above, this rattan woven vegetable basket bag is also very suitable for small people. In fact, this kind of bag itself reveals a very It feels cute. Small girls will look more playful on their backs, and the rattan material is also very summery, giving people a sunny and energetic feeling.

Mini handbag

Finally, there is a mini handbag. The mini handbags of the jacquemus family were in a mess. Although they can’t hold anything, they can be cute in the summer. Enough, a small mini bag with a petite figure will make your girly feel more intense and very age-reducing.

Small girls should choose these bags this summer!

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