What kind of bag do you wear with striped sports pants?

by:JIYALI     2021-06-24

On the one hand, the backpack can hold what you need, and on the other hand, it can give people a sense of security. The indispensable artifact of the concave shape is the bag. Then it is a problem as to what baby should be carried on the sports pants. Let’s take a look at what bags go with striped sweatpants?

What kind of bag do you wear with striped sports pants?

1. Small bag style

Many outfits on IG are paired with cross-body bags and clutches. This is the favorite of many girls. Going out is also very neat, no need to carry a big bag. When choosing a bag, you don't have to worry too much. If you are afraid that the top is a casual T-shirt, it will look weird, you may wish to use makeup, coat, or the fashion items mentioned above to bring out the elegant feeling.

2. Medium-sized bag

If you need to bring a lot of things for girls when going out, choose a medium-sized bag, whether it’s cross-body or shoulder-back. All can be very good~ As long as you pay more attention to the coordination between the top and the bag when choosing, you can get rid of the vulgar and stupid title like a model, and you will be praised everywhere you go!

How to choose a bag

The black and blue bags belong to the five elements of water, and water represents wealth. Those who do business and talk about business are best to use this color bag. Encourage wealth;

The green and cyan bags belong to the five elements of wood, and wood represents growth. Young people in the entrepreneurial stage can use this color bag, which will promote their development and maturity;

Red and purple bags belong to the five elements of fire, and fire represents divergence. The use of this color bag is difficult to hide the wind and gather energy, and it will make people display their personality and spend more money.

White and silver bags belong to the five elements of gold, and gold represents wealth. The use of bags of this color has a better effect on attracting money, but it will also show off individuality and cannot save money.

The yellow, coffee-colored Bao Wuxing belongs to the soil, and the soil represents the thickness and stability. Generally, people who use this color are more mature and stable, but lack passion and vitality.

Which kind of bag material is good?

Leather: Leather is the most common kind on the market. The leather bag has a very good texture on the back, but it has poor water resistance and heavier weight. weight.

Canvas: The material of durable bags is usually canvas, but canvas is less resistant to dirt and water resistance.

Nylon: The lightest material, better waterproof, and less durable than canvas. Bag material comparison: Canvas>Leather>Nylon

Small bag style recommendation

Pure color small square bag

The most classic pure black series, it can be said that there is no single product that cannot be matched with it. Especially when the partial dress is more fancy, a simple black square bag on the back can coordinate just the right fashionable temperament.

Small square bag with rhombus pattern

The black square bag style, with rhombus pattern and chain elements, is extravagant yet cool and handsome, with a simple T T-shirt and trousers of the same color are matched together to complement each other. Simple and extraordinary fashion is as simple as that.

Pattern small bag style

If the clothes in your closet are simple and plain, you can use a small square bag with eye-catching patterns to enhance your overall style. If you want to create a mature and capable personality, I believe that animal prints will not disappoint you. It is also good to use a waist bag instead of a satchel occasionally.

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