What kind of bag do boys carry at work? What kind of bag do boys carry at work?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-26

For office-worker boys, it is actually more convenient to carry a bag every day, and the bag will look more stable, so what kind of bag is suitable for boys to go to work? Let's take a look.

Cross-back briefcase

This bag is designed in a way that the carrying and carrying are integrated, which is more convenient when going out. The intimate use of a detachable design, avoids the drag of the strap when it is hand-held, and has a high practicability. In terms of color, it continues the classic simple design, which makes it have an outstanding performance in simple style.

Tote bag

The design of the version is made with a tote bag with a strong sense of retro. This design makes it have an excellent performance in terms of internal capacity , You can easily store various items in it, with extremely high practicability. It also uses the lower width and upper narrow design, and the overall lines are more beautiful. It also uses a buckle method to close it, which is more convenient and quick to open and close.

Retro messenger bag

As a profession in memory, the postman was the only way for people to maintain contact many years ago. The traditional messenger bag was adopted in the layout. The production brought him a strong sense of complexion. The surface has also been treated with the process of heating beeswax, which naturally penetrates into the gaps. This treatment not only retains its light and thin characteristics, but also greatly improves its windproof and waterproof effect.

These three bags are relatively calm and atmospheric, which are very suitable for boys to carry when they are at work.

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