What kind of backpack are popular this year? 2018 hottest backpack recommendation

by:JIYALI     2021-07-09

No matter how many bags you have, there must be a backpack. Whether it is from a matching point of view or a practical point of view, a backpack is definitely a style to be prepared. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what kind of backpacks are popular this year?

Ringge backpack

A convenient and practical backpack, in addition to being convenient and practical, it can still be more fashionable. For example, this bag carried by European and American fashionistas is classic and generous. The rhombus texture decoration enhances the trendy sense of the bag and makes it even more magnificent.

The designer of this bag adopts very intimate hand-held decoration, which not only enhances the beauty of the bag, but also is more convenient and practical. The decoration of the metal zipper is dazzling and eye-catching. The charm is more fashionable and outstanding.

Riveted backpack

When we are still struggling with a backpack, in fact, fashionistas love it, there is also a single product called rivet backpack. , This kind of design shows the cool and unrestrained aura of the trend, which makes you more fashionable when you go out of the street, and it is very versatile.

The fashionable black backpack has a three-dimensional visual effect, showing a simple but not simple charm. The exquisite rivet design on the surface of the bag enhances the dazzling of the bag. Cool charm, highlight the personality aura.

The color-blocking backpack

If you want to make your overall aura look more fashionable and fashionable, then the color-blocking backpack, with a distinctive style, blooms the trend The cool personality charm gives you an unprecedented unique aura. Such a bag is also the capital to ensure your fashionable aura.

The unique and trendy contrasting color stitching style enhances the design sense of the bag, and can also deduce the unique charm. The exquisite hand strap design makes a unique interpretation. The beautiful breath is more eye-catching.

These different types of backpacks are very popular this year, especially for babies who like backpacks. Don’t miss these classic models. !

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