What is the size of the Arctic Fox backpack? How many sizes does the Arctic Fox backpack have?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-06

The quality of the Arctic Fox backpack is very good, and the capacity is particularly large. The backpack is also more convenient than the handbag, so it is especially popular. This Arctic Fox backpack is very versatile and suitable for daily wear. The following editor on No.5 will tell you how big is the Arctic Fox backpack? How many sizes does the Arctic Fox backpack have?

Arctic Fox Backpack Size

The Mini Mini model weighs approximately 220 grams and measures approximately 29 cm in height, 20 cm in width and 13 cm in depth. The capacity is about 7 liters. You can put down the ipad, suitable for children's back. Girls are also very suitable for shopping for mobile phones and wallets. Generally tall girls are not suitable for carrying mini models. The old mini bag has embroidery, but the new one does not.

The Classic model weighs about 290 grams, measures about 38 cm high, 27 cm wide, 13 cm deep, and has a capacity of about 16 liters. It can be used as a schoolbag for children, and it is also very useful for girls to go shopping and outdoor travel. The size can fit a 13-inch laptop (some 14-inch laptops can also be used). This one is the most popular and the most bought one.

Big is a large size, weighs about 350 grams, measures about 41 cm high, 32 cm wide, 13 cm deep, and has a capacity of about 20 liters. Suitable for big girls and boys.

Maxi increases. Fewer people buy this model, it's too expensive and the color is few. It weighs 500 grams, measures about 41 cm in height, 32 cm in width, 14+7 cm in depth, and has a capacity of about 18+9 liters.

How about arctic fox backpack

I love Arctic fox too much recently. I bought a sky blue mini before. It is really small. For my mom who is going to have a baby, I’m in it again. A peach-pink medium size! I am 163 tall, and the shoulder strap of the mini is still a bit short! This medium size is just right, and it will be very practical when traveling.

The Kranken classic canvas backpack of the Swedish Arctic Fox brand is very light and waterproof. I bought this on the official website of the United Kingdom and can be directly mailed to China. At that time, the official website launched a discount code and countries outside the EU (which can be recognized when filling in the address) can automatically refund tax, so this package I bought is cheaper than Taobao. The color is UN Blue, and colleagues and friends say it looks good.

The arctic fox mini backpack (please ignore my fat claws) is brick red. The backs of people around you are all frost green, foggy gray, and pink , Few people carry brick red, I want to say, this color is really good-looking! The mini is suitable for petite girls, even though it is a mini, it is really capable of holding, a book, a signature book, and a pen. , A pie air, a long wallet, a small bottle of q fragrance, lipstick, hand cream, tissue...It is not heavy on your back. It was originally worn in winter, but now I think it can be worn in summer. It is super versatile!

I just entered the Arctic Fox Mini pink model! I have always wanted to buy this backpack, but I was struggling to buy the classic or mini size. This time I saw this pink on Mybag with a 10% discount, so I decided to buy it! I want to tell Everyone is the Mini model that can actually be installed!!! The 12-inch macbook just can be put down~ I brought it out on this trip. The upper body effect is shown in Figure 2. It is especially easy to use and take pictures!

Arctic fox brand introduction

Fjallraven (Swedish arctic fox) is a high-end outdoor brand with a leading market share in Sweden. It is the royal brand of Sweden and the only outdoor brand that has won the honor of the Swedish royal royal brand. Fjallraven (Swedish Arctic Fox) brand was established for more than 50 years, and its sales network has spread all over the world. Fjallraven is Swedish, 'Fjall' means 'ArcticFjallraven's brand story originated in 1950. The founder Mr. Ake Nordin, a 14-year-old boy from Ornskoldsvik in northern Sweden, was about to set out to hike in the mountains. Ake didn't like the popular backpack designs on the market at that time, because they had limited capacity and formed a pear shape after loading, making it uncomfortable to press on the back. Ake made a wooden frame by himself, which improved the weight distribution on the back. After using this wooden frame, not only the comfort of the carrying is greatly improved, but the weight of the carrying can also be greatly increased.

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