What is the same bag of Hyuna? What is the same bag of Hyuna

by:JIYALI     2021-07-28

Hyuna, which has been on fire in recent years, is undoubtedly the target of young girls. So what are the same models of Hyuna? What about Hyuna's same bag? Let's take a look together today!

What is the same bag of Hyuna

At the beginning, the editor was also curious about when Chanel came out with a knitting style. I read the accompanying text of Hyuna INS, 'The bag made by my mother, the Chanel brooch is cute'. Only then did I know that Hyuna’s mother did it by herself.

Netizens imitated one after another, only calling their mothers 'I want the same style from Hyuna'. Two different styles, one for casual cross-body, the other for exquisite hand, with double C logo, instantly upgrade the grade, versatile and convenient.

No matter whether it is a girlish style with a skirt or a casual style with a casual outfit, there are now classic 'Chanel woven bags'.

Hyuna is the same manicure

Hyuna is believed to be a very familiar Korean singer and dancing actress. In 2015, she was rated as one of the top ten sexy Korean women in Europe and America. Xing's first place, Hyuna not only dances well, but also has a very plump body. Why is it so thin, and can still bend forward and backward, this sexy is really well-deserved. The editor casts a super invincible envious look!!!

Such a sexy Hyuna, who would have thought that she also has a girlish heart in her heart. Recently Hyuna has become popular in the nail industry. , It was the brightly colored nails on her hand that attracted the attention of the majority of nail experts. Seeing the beautiful nails on her hand, she couldn’t do without. Now many nail experts have imitated her nails and started to make the same style. Today, I will share with you some of the most popular dazzling nails. Of course, we nail lovers must keep up with fashion trends. ~

A major feature of the same nail art of Hyuna is that the colors are very bright, and the choice of styles is also very gorgeous and exaggerated. This nail art is a colorful jump color, painted on the nails There was a small flower and pearls after another, which was very cute and playful.

Hyunya issued the same card

There are many girls in life who like to dress up beautifully, because this will not only allow us to take beautiful photos, but also get our boyfriend The compliment, so let’s take a look at the little decorations that make girls beautiful. Recently, “Hyunya Same Style” issuance card is popular, and the self-portrait looks up instantly, making you the most beautiful cub in the village!

When we mention Hyuna, we know how powerful her makeup is. Whether it is attending events or daily life, she has strict requirements on herself. If a girl can organize herself well, then she must be an exquisite woman.

Issuing card styles

1. Colored metal models

The most basic is this metal color models. When I was young, I used black more. I didn’t expect After being colored, it is 200 times more fashionable! This kind of hair clip is very suitable for stacking, and several clips are worn parallel or crossed, which does not look too exaggerated. While fixing the hair, it also plays a decorative role.

There is also a larger hairpin. This kind of hairpin is pure gold and colorful styles are the most popular. It can be clipped individually, and different colors can be selected when multiple clips are held together.

2. Crystal style

The crystal style gives people the feeling of blingbling. Wearing it will definitely make people remember you at first sight. The crystal model feels like blingbling. Wearing it will definitely make people remember you at first sight. The crystal hairpin and the shiny clothes are a perfect match, with temperament and personality, ladies and sisters must enter!

3. Pearl models

Super temperament pearl models are here! Hairpins and hairpins decorated with pearls are the hottest hair accessories this year, and Jing Tian has worn them.

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