What is the price of Yoshida Yohji backpack? Yoshida Yohji genuine price

by:JIYALI     2021-07-04

Yoshida's backpack is actually very popular. The design of this brand of bags is super beautiful, and the quality is super good, and it is very durable. The following editor on No. 5 will tell you what is the price of Yoshida Yoshi’s backpack?

The price of Yoshida's backpack

The price of Yoshida's backpack is around 100 to 500 yuan, which is very cost-effective.

Yoshida Yoshida takes fashionable and casual women aged 18 to 38 as the consumer group. The market is widely distributed, and Li Tianni stores and counters are successively set up in major and small cities in China. Yoshida Yoshiba joins through independent research and development, produces all-category luggage series products, scales operations, one-stop distribution, uses excellent management to reduce loss, lower product costs, and better integrate into people's daily life at the most reasonable price, and fully satisfy consumers Consumers’ desire to buy has been given a reputation by consumers. Yoshida Yoshida (JTYS), named after the designer, was founded in 1971 as the second brand of Kimura Ihiro. All product patterns are from Japan's MCJH Kimura Ihiro Clothing Co., Ltd., which will be updated every season and will not be repeated. Add a little hip-hop feel to the British feel design, and its logo orangutan logo is also more flattering, and the price is a bit cheaper than Kimura!

How about Yoshida Yoji backpack

Yoshida Yoshida’s bag, I bought it before, and I almost never carried it back after I bought it, but I saw it at a glance. There are so many things in this world that seem to be magical, and you have it in your heart when you look at it haha . This bag is in a mixed style of Europe and Japan. The surface of the bag is ostrich pattern, and the inside is cloth. Then it can be carried on the shoulders, cross-body, or hand-held in three ways. It can be adjusted with different clothes. The bag has a large capacity. Then I chose the color for a long time when I bought it. Each one looks good. In the end, the matte finish conquered me.

The quality of the bag is good, it is comfortable to carry, and it is a little big, but it also contains a lot of things, that is, the button is opened and it is not glued. Just stick it with glue.

I bought a snake print from another house very early, and sent it a normal black one. Later, the snake print was out of stock and returned. It just so happens that this one has, is satisfied, has put it on the back, except that the design is small and there are few things to install, everything else is satisfied. The size is what you want, and the books and files are just right. All black is the favorite of lazy people, and the material of the canvas is so light. Height 160, for girls' reference.

Yoshida Yoshida brand introduction

Yoshida Yoshida JT (JTYSu0026TYC), as a branch brand of MM (MCJHu0026TWJ), firmly locks in the youth popular group as the main consumer group, and even the trend of in. Develop, design, and produce apparel products needed by popular frontier groups. In 2002, in order to develop more precise designs to meet the needs of consumers in different urban areas, several branch brands were extended. JTYSu0026TYC focused on mid-to-high-end female trends, and K-three (Ku00263) focused on fast fashion for young fashionistas. In the field of clothing, ISBIT Jeans focuses on a new generation of fashion trendsetters in the clothing field. After formal independence, we specially invited ORANGE DESIGNS, a young, passionate and creative design team from France, as the design assistant, and the design director was French designer LESLIE. At the same time, it invites new young trend designers from all over the world to join in, with endless surprises, each season accurately captures the upcoming trend, and timely launches trend-leading series of items.

How to choose a backpack

When we choose a backpack style, the first thing that attracts us is the version of the backpack and the color theme. As long as it fits our own aesthetics, then It depends on the workmanship of the bag. Generally speaking, the workmanship of the bag reflects the quality of the bag to a certain extent. Every corner and line of a good backpack style is neat, there is no disconnection and jumper phenomenon, every stitch is very exquisite workmanship, this is a sign of high craftsmanship, how to choose a backpack? This is one of the directions of investigation .

Next, we will talk about the material of the backpack. Backpack fabrics on the market now generally use nylon, Oxford, canvas, and even cowhide and crocodile leather. How to choose a backpack? Generally, computer backpacks are made of 1680D double-strand fabric, which is relatively medium to upper. And 600D Oxford cloth is a more commonly used material. In addition, canvas, materials such as 190T and 210 are usually used for simple drawstring bag type backpacks.

When you choose a backpack, you can also see the effect of the brand. Generally, it depends on whose brand is more loud, which is more popular with everyone. Its quality and bag style are no longer a problem. The key is the brand's The backpack is not for you. When choosing a good backpack, you can also check whether the back structure of the bag is breathable, whether the shoulder straps have supportive performance, etc. How to choose a backpack? Looking at the back structure of the backpack is the key technique for choosing a backpack.

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