What is the most popular bag style in 2019

by:JIYALI     2021-07-04

Koujinbao is a very popular term nowadays. Many people may have seen this term in the fashion section. However, they are not quite clear about what a koujinbao is. We will give you a popular science today. Is your bag a gold bag?

What is the mouth gold bag?

The mouth gold bag is a kiss-lock structure at the opening and closing of the bag. It is one of the most popular bag elements in spring and summer of 2019! On the Coach show, the mouth gold bag went viral Simi Asian style, collage elements and printing elements frequently appear. In addition, SimoneRocha's gold bag and its costumes fascinated me as much. After watching this show, it seemed to have experienced a romantic fantasy.

The origin of the history of koujinbao

There is no way to know the history of koujinbao from the information in major books at present, where she first came from. Some people say it comes from Japan, while others say it comes from Russia, but there is no specific basis for it.

However, in the old Shanghai movies of the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, you can find this kind of golden bag with cheongsam from time to time. Speaking of it, it has been hundreds of years! At that time, hand-held gold bags were all the rage, matching the cheongsam of old Shanghai. Elegant and noble. At that time, clutches were generally used to store small things such as handkerchiefs and perfumes. At the beginning, the material of the mouth gold bag was only fabric, and the mouth gold needed to be sent to the mouth gold shop to ask a professional master to catch it. Of course, some decorations will be added to it, like embroidery.

Then, the mouthpiece of the mouthpiece generally refers to the metal opening parts on the bag or storage box. Although most of the current mouth gold is made of metal, it also extends out of wood and resin. There are also many styles of mouth gold, such as the foot type, shrapnel type, doctor type and so on.

Steps for making a gold bag

1. First find the fabric you like, divide the fabric and the inner fabric, and choose the pattern you like for the fabric. If the lining is used, the quality will not fade. That's it.

2. Then cut out a rectangular parallelepiped according to length 40 and width 24, and then cut out the shape as shown in the figure~~ The lining, the face cloth and the cotton are all cut into this shape. If you fold it in half, see Figure 1, and if you unfold it, see Figure 2. The cotton should be cut a bit smaller than the face cloth.

3. Glue the face cloth and the cotton pad together, so that it is convenient for the car or hand sewing to not shift afterwards.

4. After the face cloth and the cotton are glued together, fold the cotton on the outside, as shown in the figure, sew it twice.

5. After sewing it up twice, open it as shown in Figure 1, and sew the circled area as shown in Figure 2.

6. For the lining, first sew a small bag in the middle of one side, which is used to hold a card or a mobile phone. It is convenient to take the picture.

7. Then fold the belt in half, and sew it twice as in steps 4 and 5 above, then open it again and sew it twice, and then it will become as shown in the figure.

8. Then put the sewn face cloth and cotton spread into the lipstick.

9. Then sew the edges together, taking care to leave a small opening. Why should I leave a small mouth? Below is the moment to witness the miracle. From this small hole, turn the inner cloth out and put it inside~~ It becomes like this in Figure 2.

10. Then it is the important moment to stitch the mouthpiece and the newly made bag together. First, use a needle to fix the position of one side, and then start sewing from the other side. You have to put the edge into the edge of the entrance before you start to sew, and the position of the other side is also where the seam is facing the opening of the mouth metal as shown in Figure 2

11. After sewing, you are done! Open! It's like this, and then just wear the belt you like.

The story of Koujin Bao

Koujin is no stranger to craftsmen. Baidu Baike's definition of export gold is: generally made of metal, installed on the bag to open and close the bag opening, but the opening and closing method is more convenient. Doctor's mouth gold, shrapnel gold, etc. belong to the mouth gold.

I checked a lot of information on the Internet, and I feel that when it comes to mouth money, I can’t help but mention handbags. Most styles of handbags are made of mouth gold. Early handbags were used to hold handkerchiefs and nose salt. They originated from small handbags in the Victorian period and were more functional. They are all handmade by ladies. As the types of items that need to be dressed change, the size of the handbags has been adjusted accordingly. In addition to the early handkerchiefs and nose salt, fans, perfumes, etc. have been added. From the 17th century to the 18th century, when playing cards became popular, women's handbags also added chips. In addition to functionality, the handbags of this period were also particularly important for decoration. They had to be light and elegant.

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