What is the material of the Thai Cambridge bag merimies Cambridge bag material

by:JIYALI     2021-07-28

Merimies Cambridge bags from Thailand are generally made of pu or pvc, not leather, so the price is generally very cheap. Friends who are more concerned about the material of the bag are advised to understand it beforehand.

What is the material of Thailand Cambridge bag

The merimies Thailand Cambridge bag has two materials, namely pu and pvc.

Her home has a lot of lovely designs, suitable for those who like to be unruly and do not follow the trend. The cute and fashionable Minion series, the soft girl's favorite love series, the delicious watermelon series, etc., are all essential items for street and concave shapes. Merimies entered the Chinese market relatively late, and it is still a niche in the Chinese market, so there are no embarrassing problems such as copycats, bad streets, and bumping bags.

How about the Thai Cambridge bag

Share the newly bought bag with you! The Cambridge bag of Merimies, I bought it in black and white, and there are many other colors. But I think black and white is the best match for my style hahahaha~ the price is also quite good, and the price is very high. The shoulder strap of the bag is adjustable! The capacity is quite large, I put three lipsticks, put loose powder (I like to use loose powder to touch up makeup) and also put a wallet and a coin purse ~ mainly this bag is pretty It's a good match, you can match it all year round, I recommend it to you.

Is the Thai Cambridge bag worth buying?

Thailand Cambridge bags, you must have seen matching pictures in different places. Very small but super celebrities are on their backs. You can control any style. The colors are very rich. It is very suitable for spring and summer. Especially the babies who are going to travel in the summer must come in. The color is so beautiful, you can’t buy it.

Thailand Cambridge bag maintenance tips

1. The natural oil of the leather itself will gradually decrease over time or use too many times, so even very advanced leather goods Need regular maintenance.

2. If the leather products are soiled, they can be wiped off directly with an eraser.

3. If the leather bag gets wet by accident, you can use a dry towel to absorb the moisture first, and then stuff some newspapers, magazines and other things in it and dry it in the shade. Don’t expose it to the sun directly. Makes the beloved bag faded and deformed.

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