What is the grade of Bottega Veneta? Which country is Bottega Veneta from?

by:JIYALI     2021-06-30

Bottega Veneta is also called Bottega Veneta, English name Bottega Veneta, is a clothing and footwear brand with an international reputation. So, what grade is Bottega Veneta? Which country does Bottega Veneta come from?

Which country is Bottega Veneta?

Bottega Veneta (Bottega Veneta, Bottega Veneta), an Italian luxury brand. Manufactured using traditional Italian leather craftsmanship. The products have expanded from the original leather bags to different fields such as clothing, high-end jewelry, glasses, perfume, furniture and household products.

What grade of Bottega Veneta

It is basically the same grade as LV (Louis Vuitton).

It's just that BV is mostly hand-held wallets, both for men and women; while LV is mostly for carrying bags and shoulder bags, and there are basically no men's models.

BV is a fairly low-key brand among many luxury brands. In the field of leather goods and bags, although his status is still not as good as Hermes, it is much stronger than Chanel, lv, Gucci and other luxury brands. Generally speaking, it is suitable for people with low-key and introverted personality.

Is Bottega Veneta a luxury item?

Of course, Bottega Veneta, Bottega Veneta, is known as 'Italian Hermes' and is well-known worldwide for its exquisite leather weaving craftsmanship.

There is a saying in the fashion industry. When you don’t know what to use to express your fashion concept, you can choose lv. When you don’t need anything to express your fashion concept, you must choose bv. !

Brand Features

Bottega Veneta is mainly soft bags. The woven leather is treated very softly, so you don’t have to worry about wearing clothes at all. In addition to the pure woven texture, there are The bag is pierced with hollow metal rivets, or knotted in some places in advance, or decorated with stitching in the vertical and horizontal grids, and even deliberately cut a hole in each grid, which will rise after a long time. Echoing the metaphor of auspicious and wealthy goldfish.

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