What is the engraving on the wallet? Wallet lettering pattern recommendation

by:JIYALI     2021-07-15

Wallet lettering is a very meaningful way of expression that many young people choose now. Whether it's a gift or for your own use, a wallet with lettering is very worthwhile. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what is good for engraving on wallet?

What is good about engraving on the wallet?

Nowadays, people’s pursuit of individuality is like crazy. Everyone hopes that they can have a special item that belongs to themselves, or make a mark or something, for the wallet. Even more so. In general, it is recommended to keep it simple and engrave his English name or initials, or add a heart to the two names.

The wallet, as the name implies, is a bag for holding money, and it is also the most important small bag in our daily life. It not only suits our own identity, but also reflects our own personality. The appropriate wallet style can better reflect your fashion index. When cleaning the wallet, you need to choose a cleaning brush or a clean cotton cloth according to the material of the wallet, so as to ensure that the wallet will not be damaged due to the wrong cleaning method.

Recommended common patterns for wallet lettering

1. For boy and girl friends, add a heart-shaped pattern. There are three types of hearts, one is solid, one is hollow, and the other is It's the kind in which two hearts are entangled.

2. For their own use, the lady will choose a crown pattern, or a four-leaf clover, or a five-pointed star. Men's ones are simpler, maybe it's the first name letters.

Wallet material comparison

(1)Sheep leather: including goatskin and sheepskin;

Goatskin: fine and beautiful grain, good softness, firmness Fastness is not as good as cow leather. Beautiful and comfortable, slightly less durable, mainly used for mid-range leather shoes and leather clothing. Sheep skin: It has better softness than goat skin and worse firmness.

(2)Cattle leather:

Cattle leather includes cattle leather, buffalo leather, yak leather, and yak leather; characteristics of yellow leather: fine grain, thick skin, high strength, Its fullness and elasticity are also better. Its characteristic is that the finished product is beautiful to wear, comfortable and durable. Yak cowhide and yak cowhide: the grain is worse than that of yellow cowhide, and other properties are roughly similar; buffalo cowhide: rough surface, loose fibers, lower strength than yellow cowhide, and other properties similar to yellow cowhide.

(3)Pig leather:

Pig leather is quite different from cattle and sheep leather. The grain of pig leather is rougher, the fiber is tight and plump, the elasticity is slightly lower, and the strength is similar to that of cattle leather. , Its finished products are durable and have poor aesthetics.

(4) Two-layer leather: (split leather)

In leather processing, thicker animal skins need to be split into several layers through a splitting machine to obtain uniform thickness Leather, and get more leather in quantity. The side of animal skin that grows hair is the first layer of leather, also called grain leather; the layers of leather below the first layer of leather are called two-layer leather, three-layer leather, and four-layer leather respectively. The two-layer suede leather can be used for leather shoes, clothing, and gloves. And soft bags, etc., two-layer shaved, film, and transfer leather are used for leather shoes, leather balls and suitcases.

How to choose a wallet

The material of the wallet is waxed leather, cow split leather, cloth, and of course pigskin. Waxed leather is relatively strong and suitable for long-term Used, the cowhide leather is also very strong, beautiful and professional, but it is easy to fade with chemical dyes on it, which affects the aesthetics. The cloth is not strong, but the material is soft and easy to carry, so it is recommended that you buy waxed cowhide Wallet.

The choice of color is also very important. Red gives people a feeling of vitality, but it is not easy to match clothes. White is more elegant and elegant, and has a very pure feeling. Bright yellow is also more dazzling. , Blue represents youth, the choice of color can be based on personal hobbies, and the best that suits you is the best.

The choice of style, is it better for a long style or a short style? The long style looks more bold and the short style is easy to carry. I personally recommend the short style female wallet.

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