What is the difference between the pre-production sample and the pre-production sample for leather goods manufacturers?

by:JIYALI     2021-05-14
Customers find leather goods manufacturers to make customized bags through the Internet. When they negotiate with the leather goods manufacturers to a certain level, they have the intention to place an order. Then the problem that the customer is worried about will come, and the customer will be worried if you Why is your quality not good when the factory places an order? I found your leather factory on the Internet. I don’t know whether you are reliable or not. When the salesperson of the leather factory understands the customer’s concerns, he will give the customer advice and ask the customer to make a sample first, and then look at it after receiving the sample. Check the quality before deciding whether to place an order, so that the quality problem that the customer is worried about is solved.

The samples made by the leather goods manufacturer before placing the order are made by the designer. The leather and lining of the samples are only confirmed by the customer, and the purchase is arranged to the raw material market to purchase, so that when the large goods are produced, they will be directly purchased from the market. Bulk purchases.

The pre-production sample is the sample made by the leather goods manufacturer after the customer has placed the order. It is made by the manufacturer’s production department. After the sample is sent to the customer, it can be arranged after confirmation. The factory produces bulk goods, which can avoid mass quality problems.

The above is the difference between pre-order proofing and pre-production samples. For more information, please contact JIYALI.

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