What is the difference between individual customization and private customization in a leather processing factory?

by:JIYALI     2021-05-15
Recently, JIYALI customer service received an inquiry from a customer. The customer first sent a picture of a female bag saying that it needs to be customized, and asked our customer service whether it can be customized. Through the communication with the customer, I learned that many customized customers will make a single customization. Confused with private customization, the customer may not understand another meaning of private customization referred to by the leather goods factory, and mistake private customization for a single customization.

Personalized individual customization has become a boom now. With the improvement of people's living standards, people are more and more interested in pursuing individuality and self-pursuit, and they will choose to customize leather products with special significance. This is the reason for leather products. Speaking of this single customization, there are now many studios specializing in handmade leather goods that can be customized individually, but such studios can hardly be found on the Internet. Only then are single customized customers looking for leather manufacturers. Misunderstanding the private customization as a single customization.

The private customization referred to by the leather factory means that the self-employed customer asks the leather factory to customize bags or process bags in batches, which is called private customization. Or the bag style designed by the customer and handed over to the leather factory to produce bulk goods. This is what the leather factory refers to private customization. Of course, private customization can also be called a single customization. Of course, in the eyes of different people, the meaning of the two is different.

Of course, there are many customers who have questions. Why can't leather goods factories make individual customization? What is the difference between individual customization and mass customization? This question has been answered in the previous article.

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