What is the difference between a leather processing factory and a trading company?

by:JIYALI     2021-05-15
Many companies now choose to cooperate with trading companies or gift companies when customizing leather products. But why not try to cooperate with a direct leather goods manufacturer? In fact, finding a direct leather processing factory for customized bags is much more convenient than trading companies and gift companies.

1. The price of large-scale goods produced by leather goods manufacturers is low

Compared with trading companies, the prices customized by manufacturers are definitely relatively low. Most trading companies do not have their own manufacturers and have long-term cooperation. There are few leather production factories in China, and they are not so stable. The orders received are all handed over to the factories to make the difference. It is for this reason that the prices of foreign trade companies are higher than those of leather factories.

2. Multiple choices

Trading companies can be called intermediaries. After talking with customers, they have to communicate with the factory, and it depends on cooperation. Whether the manufacturer can meet the needs of the customer can we reply to the customer, so the meaning conveyed in the communication is different, but it is different to find the leather manufacturer. The leather manufacturer can customize it according to the customer’s needs, and it can Directly negotiate the details of the bag making process with the factory’s master, so that customers can not only have a variety of choices in styles, but also have a lot of convenience in communicating with the factory. They can also communicate their ideas with the manufacturers and listen to the opinions and opinions of the manufacturers. Suggest.

3. You can know the production progress at any time

The biggest difference between leather goods manufacturers and traders is that customers can come to the factory to check the production progress anytime and anywhere. This is exactly the trade The company can't do it.

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