What is oden boiled pockets? Where can I buy oden boiled pockets?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-08

Nowadays, there are all kinds of bags, but they look great on back. I don’t know if you have heard of oden-boiled pockets, what is oden-boiled pockets, and where can you buy oden-boiled pockets?

What is an oden-boiled belt bag?

There is an oden-boiled belt bag that can be said to make a lot of food enthusiasts. This oden-boiled belt bag is from go slow caravan, a Japanese brand, which looks very interesting.

Where to buy oden boiled belt bags

The design of the Japanese outdoor brand Go Slow Caravan has always been colorful and interesting. The Japanese outdoor brand Go SlowCaravan, known for its fun design, has launched an oden design this season. Patterns are injected into single products such as T-shirts, hooded sweaters, coats and bags, supplemented by different colors. It is reported that this Go SlowCaravan series full of fun is now on sale on the brand's official website, and interested friends can move to buy it.

What is the price of oden-boiled pockets

Currently available on the official website of go slowcaravan, the price of oden-boiled pockets is 7452 yuan. If you prefer 'frigid' plain colors, this bag can play a decorative role as a finishing touch. If you are a fan of bright colors, the relatively low-key style of the waist bag itself will not rob you of the limelight. All-match effect, identification is complete.

What brand is the oden-boiled belt bag?

This oden-boiled belt bag on Weibo's hot search comes from the Japanese brand go slow caravan.

Friends who love to scan Weibo should have seen this oden-boiled pocket on the hot search. Hanging a bunch of oden-boiled bags on the waist looks very cute. An existence that once made it difficult for fashionable people to tell, has now turned into a secret weapon for street photographers. Everyone with a black history on the fashion roster has the opportunity to regain their brilliance, just like a pocket.

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