What is Bunny? Why is Bunny Bag so expensive?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-08

Many people may feel unfamiliar when they hear the term Bunny Bear, but in fact, the Bunny Bear bag is inseparable from the popular lolita element style. It is a lolita bag with a very cute style.

What is the rabbit bear?

The rabbit bear is a kind of doll under the Japanese babyolita brand. It has toys and backpacks. It is very popular in lolita circles. Many lolita people think that this bag looks like a rabbit. , And a plush toy like a bear, only children would like it. In fact, it comes from a bag of the Japanese brand BABY. It has a wide variety and is very cute. Each version is different, and different sizes can also be chosen by lo ladies. Red or blue eyes, a flaming body with rabbit ears, a lace headband on the top of the head, a ribbon bow on the chest, and exclusive emblems printed on the soles of the feet are the basic characteristics of the rabbit bear. In addition to the most common pink rabbit bear, it also has many 'good friends' series, such as milk tea bears, black or cyan African bears, which are used to match small skirts of different colors. Bunny bears can't be more suitable.

Why is Bunny Bear so expensive?

No matter from embroidery or material, Bunny Bear bag can show exquisite breath every stitch and thread. Moreover, coupled with Japan's high prices and taxes, it is difficult for Bunny to not want sky-high prices, so we can't blame it for its outrageous price. But even so, it has become a must-have bag for lo ladies. It can be seen how attractive the rabbit bear is, even ordinary people who have not entered the pit can not help but praise its cuteness. Some of the conditions are better, you can choose Japanese cards unscrupulously, but if the conditions are not so ideal, you can choose Japanese cards in terms of bags, so the high sales are also because of this, as long as you have the same day. It feels that the temperament of the whole person is different. Therefore, there are more and more girls who like rabbit bear bags, and the design of rabbit bears is really beautiful. After all, if the design is not so good, the cute rabbit bears will not capture the hearts of many girls.

Why do lo mothers love to buy rabbit bears?

After all, in the eyes of most girls, cuteness is more than anything else. Therefore, even if most of the rabbit bear bags can not contain any real practical things, as long as the cute rabbit bear bags can match their favorite Lolita skirts, then everyone will still choose to start decisively. Because of the combination of cuteness and sweetness like this, it is perfect in the eyes of Lo Niang. There is no other bag that can replace the high-value of the rabbit bear. It is precisely because of the rabbit bear that there are many soft toy improved bags on the market. Can you still say that it has no characteristics? Cute and versatile, it can really be said to be a fairy bag. I believe that every girl with a girlish heart can resist the temptation of the rabbit bear whether she wears the lolita method or not.

How to clean the rabbit bear bag

If you are not careful in the process of cleaning the bag, it is very likely that the rabbit bear bag will be washed out. Because there are many Bunny Bear bags that are made of very fragile materials, and the price of Bunny Bear is not particularly cheap, especially for some student parties, the price of Bunny Bear may be their ordinary models. Food expenses for half a month. And some girls also save a lot of food expenses to save money to buy it. If you don't pay attention to the cleaning method, and wait until the bag is really damaged and then try to find a way to recover it, it may be too late.

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