What grade is the Gals bag? Is the Gals bag expensive?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-21

Everyone should have heard of the Gales brand in your life, but do you really know this brand? Today, the editor will come to find out with everyone, what grade is the Gals bag, and whether the Gals bag is expensive, follow the editor and let us learn together.

What grade is the Gales bag?

It is a medium grade. Gales makes watches, and the Gales brand also focuses on watches. There are also women's bags under its umbrella. The price is a mid-to-low-end product in the United States, and it becomes a mid-to-high-end product in China. At first, Gales started from cowboy clothing, so the design tone has always maintained the western flavor. In terms of texture, it is comfortable, natural, and rough sense of adventure. Later, under the influence of popular elements, Gals has gradually There are some close-fitting, sexy, simple, and urban designs. Then came the production of bags, watches and other items.

Are the Gales bags expensive?

Gales is a fashion brand in the United States, and its products also include bag series. The price is relatively civilian, and the style is relatively simple and fashionable. Prices are low to mid-range products in the United States. Due to the high demand in China, they become mid to high-end products in China. For example, some people say that even the lowest-end coach in luxury goods is higher-end. Coach’s package is generally 4 to 5 thousand, and Gales’s package is generally 1,2 thousand. After a few hundred yuan discount, the gap is still very obvious. Although the price of Gales is not very high, the quality is very guaranteed.

How to identify genuine Gals bags?


In terms of logo, the genuine logo is clearly printed, simple and generous. In terms of the writing of 'GThe writing of the fake 'G' has been connected to the font, and it looks like a lot of gestures and messy. As for the gloss, there is almost no difference. The fake photo may be taken in the sun, so it looks dazzling.


The authentic GUESS bag fabric is customized top-quality synthetic leather, which is made into a bag through a special process. It seems that the bag is quite pretty and the color It is also relatively positive and has better softness to the touch. The fake fabric has not undergone special processing, so the bag looks soft and collapsed, not so erect, and the color is not authentic, and the touch feels a bit hard and unnatural.

How to maintain the bag in general?

1. Don't wipe it with a brush

When the leather bag is dirty, get some water on the bag , Sprinkle some detergent or pour some detergent, and then use a brush to brush hard, this is not good, leather bags cannot be washed with water, and the water is not clean, and brushes are fatal to leather bags. Never use a brush to brush the bag hard.

2. Ruby Fengyoujing

Many people only know that Fengyoujing can only be used as medicine, but they don't know that Fengyoujing can also clean bags. When the leather bag is soiled, you can get a little bit of wind oil on the stain, and then gently wipe with paper, do not use too much force to prevent surface damage.

3. Wipe toothpaste

Toothpaste is to make our teeth white. In the same way, ointment can also clean up the stains on our leather bags, making it as clean as our teeth.

4. Avoid items that are easy to dye

Many people buy leather bags and don’t pay attention and leave them everywhere. There are many things that are easy to dye, like some jeans, it is easy to fade. If your bag is often rubbed by your faded jeans, then the bag is finished. The best way to keep the bag clean is from Eliminate stains at the source.

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