What grade is Daphne's bag? Is the quality of Daphne bags good?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-17

Daphne’s family does not only have shoes, her bags are also very good, I believe many girls have already bought them, the styles are good and the prices are cheap. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what grade of Daphne bags? Is the quality of Daphne bags good?

What grade is Daphne's bag?

Daphne's bags are mid-range and relatively cheap. Most of them are around 200 to 300. They are very cost-effective. The skins of her bags are very good and they are worth buying.

Is the quality of Daphne bag good?

Among the colorful shoes and bags of Daphne counter, I saw it at a glance, because it is too miumiu! In fact, this kind of chain bag really can’t put a lot of things in it , Bank card, money, keys, mobile phone, it's almost there. But who calls it so similar to Miumiu, miu's style is similar, it costs a few thousand dollars, the original price of this bag is only 380, only 190 at a 50% discount, don't want the cheap ones. Although it is a pu, it is quite soft to the touch, and the details of the folds are also ok, worth it.

This contrast color bag of Daphne is simply. Share with mm who want styles and don’t care about prices. I have always wanted to buy this bag of the same style as the baby, but the prada is too expensive. I am not a person who pursues luxury goods. My original income is not suitable for buying luxury goods. There is also a baby to raise. So I found many similar ones on the Internet, but they were not satisfied, the quality was not satisfied, and the style was not satisfied. My heart wants this.

The sky is endless. It seems that God is taking care of me. Once when I was shopping, I rarely walked into the Daphne shoe store and looked at it. I looked up and saw this bag. I was familiar with it. , Isn't it very similar to the one you want. The price of more than 500 is also good. So I remembered it in my heart, and when I got home, I turned on my mobile phone to search. Sure enough, there is a purchasing agent, the price is half cheaper than the market. Started decisively, the process was tortuous, but at least I bought the bag I wanted and saved a lot of money. Share your experience with friends in need, and of course you can feel free to have money.

Since the package-in-package is used, the package type is much more attractive, but it is also much heavier. . The key case is made of ostrich leather, very beautiful orange. The card case is Daphne bought N years ago. Now it is the color of the leather that has been used for a long time. The hand cream seems to be medium, not very useful. In the cosmetic bag is Givenchy eye shadow, almost never used, when used as a mirror, lipstick is also his family, lip balm is prepared, Swiss army knife and nail clippers, U disk must be necessary, there is a sense of security.

Daphne's small schoolbag, when I bought it, I thought the color was very bright, and I especially liked this blue. Backpacks can be carried whether they go to school or go shopping, although they can't hold too many books. There is a mezzanine inside, so it's quite convenient to put things.

Who is the Daphne bag suitable for?

The style of Daphne’s bag is very comprehensive. There are small backpacks suitable for students, and OL wind bags suitable for office workers. The style of mature women, so anyone can carry Daphne's bags.

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