What grade does Samsonite belong to? Is Samsonite a luxury?

by:JIYALI     2021-06-26

Whether you are traveling on business or traveling, a high-quality suitcase is a must. Today, the editor wants to introduce to you any of the currently relatively high-level Samsonite brands. So, what grade does Samsonite belong to? Is Samsonite a luxury?

What grade does Samsonite belong to?

Samsonite (Samsonite), an internationally famous luggage brand, was founded in the United States in 1910. Excellent and outstanding product quality, design style synchronized with the times, thoughtful practicality and reliability, and perfect after-sales service have made Samsonite (Samsonite) won the love and recognition of consumers all over the world. In the United States, Samsonite has 90% visibility, and in Europe it is also as high as 70%.

Samsonite brand characteristics

Samsonite’s various suitcases, trolley cases, business travel bags, backpacks, computer bags, etc. and other matching travel accessories are practical and fashionable. From the high-grade, multi-functional, luxurious high-end series to the low-priced, simple and simple mass series, everything is available

, providing travelers with ample room for choice. If you travel for a long time, you can choose a sturdy large hard box, which can withstand 40 kg of gravity; the traction belt can also effectively reduce the weight of the box; the details are more visible, the handle and the code lock are separate The inlaid calfskin and peach wood enhance the product grade; the built-in is more considerate, the storage isolation layer, detachable and reorganized; rich colors allow you to choose. The trolley case is made of high-grade armor nylon, which is waterproof and wear-resistant; the button-type trolley, the length can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the 45-degree pull is ergonomically designed; the pulley has a special vibration absorption function, and the integrated design with the feet makes the box stand more Stable, smoother gliding; the protective strip of the box body can reduce wear and tear. The design of the trolley case is more fashionable and considerate. Business travelers can also match the computer bag at will. The expansion layer increases the capacity by 35%. In addition, travel accessories such as travel air pillows, foldable bags, passport bags, and suit bags are also a reflection of Samsonite's thoughtfulness and care for your travel mood.

Samsonite new product series

Executive Leather series

Aero-PC Harbour suitcase

Business ATTACHEStreamlite suitcase series

Profline DLX FL suitcase series B-Lite suitcase series

Urban Leather series

Quadrion Pro series

Santiago I series Panda series

Travel Hard Case Series

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