What factors should be considered when buying a bag? How to identify the material of the bag

by:JIYALI     2021-07-10

Now everyone goes to work to carry a bag to pack something. Bags have become a necessity for everyone, so what factors should be considered when buying a men's handbag, and how to identify the material of the handbag.

What factors should be considered when buying a bag?

1. Body

If you are tall, you should not choose a handbag that is too small; if you are obese, you should not choose a round handbag. Handbags; small size should not be used too large handbags, so as not to appear clumsy.

2. Age

Young people can choose handbags with bright colors and novel styles to show the colors of the times; middle-aged and elderly people can choose more stable neutral-color handbags, styles Strive to be beautiful and mature.

3. Clothing

Suits are generally also better with long leather handbags; new spring and autumn fashions should be equipped with trendy handbags with large color differences; winter clothing should be equipped with deep-packed imitation animal skins Style; summer clothes should be equipped with light-colored refined handbags.

4. Occasion

Handbag: easy to use, essential for street shooting of sportsmen. Fashion, express the personality and characteristics of clothing, and improve the visual beauty of clothing matching.

Handy travel bag: essential for short trips. Large capacity and masculine. Travel bags full of vacation styles are often one of the practical accessories that men love.

Briefcase: A must-have for business office. Men always need a briefcase that fits their own style, which is serious and tasteful.

Handbag: A must-have for shopping on a casual day. No matter the ultimate luxury, or leisure and comfort, a multifunctional leisure bag with extraordinary quality will be the best life partner for every man.

How to identify the material of the bag

1. Cow leather: fine surface, high strength, most suitable for making leather shoes; the pores on the surface of the yellow cow leather are round and extend straight into the leather Inside, the pores are tight and even, arranged irregularly, like a starry sky. The pores on the surface of buffalo leather are larger than that of yellow cattle leather, and the number of pores is less than that of yellow cattle leather. The leather texture is looser, not as fine and plump as yellow leather.

2. Sheep leather: light, thin and soft, it is an ideal fabric for leather clothing; the pores of the leather grain are oblate, clear pores, several pieces form a group, arranged in fish scales.

3. Pig leather: Good air permeability and water vapor permeability. The pores on the leather surface are round and thick, and they extend into the leather obliquely. The pores are arranged in groups of three, and the leather surface presents many small triangle patterns.

4. Horse leather: The hair on the leather surface is also oval, slightly larger than scalper leather, and the arrangement is more regular.

How to identify leather bags

1. Hand touch: Touch the surface of the leather with your hands. If it feels smooth, soft, plump, and elastic, it is real leather; and it is generally synthetic synthetic The leather surface is astringent, rigid, and poor in flexibility.

2. Seeing: The real leather has clear hair and patterns, yellow cowhide has relatively well-proportioned fine pores, yak skin has thicker and sparse pores, and goat skin has scaly pores.

3. Smell: All genuine leather has the smell of leather; and artificial leather has a strong irritating plastic smell.

4. Ignite: tear off a little fiber from the back of real leather and artificial leather. After lighting, it will give off a pungent odor. The lumps are the artificial leather; the hair odor that does not form lumps is the leather.

How to care for the bag daily

1. Cleaning: Usually polish the wax to avoid dust. When not in use, it should be stuffed into cardboard or newspaper to prevent deformation.

2. Decontamination: Wipe the stain with a soft cloth moistened with protein to remove the stain. For moldy cowhide bags, it is best to buy brand-specific oil for decontamination, and then evenly apply the same color oil.

3. The leather becomes hard: wipe it with leather protection oil to restore the original softness. Apply leather stain remover on the leather surface regularly, and apply it to a dry cloth first. Never wash with water or contact with chemical solvents. When storing leather bags, you can put a little moisture-proof beads.

4. Daily care: If the leather bag gets wet, use a dry cloth to absorb the moisture first, and then put it out of the shade, and let the leather bag dry naturally. Don't expose it to the sun, next to air-conditioning or blow it dry with a blower, otherwise it will burst.

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