What does tote bag mean? Practicality is absolutely the first

by:JIYALI     2021-06-27

Nowadays, many top brands have launched the tote bag style, and many bloggers like it very much. However, for some fashion novices, they may not understand what a tote bag is. Let’s give it to you today. Explain it.

What does a tote bag mean?

A tote bag is a large handbag or shopping bag.

The most classic design of tote bag is heavy canvas (HeavyCanvas) fabric, large capacity, square shape, arched handle. Tote is a foreign language. The transliteration comes from the English 'ToteThe word Tote is taken from the African word 'Tuta

The origin of tote bags

In the beginning, women went out with bags to store shopping items, including foods such as bread and vegetables. Actually, MAIMAI is also going out for Pack things, or what do you want to do. However, the bag is actually an indispensable key to the whole body collocation. The traditional Tote bag is made of nylon. Ha? The original tote bag was a shopping bag. Suddenly I feel that I am very fashionable when carrying a shopping bag!

Actually speaking, the current tote bag is actually a rectangular or horizontal Rectangular, a large-capacity bag, versatile and practical so it lasts for a long time. Today's Tote is not only an upgrade, but also a luxury product, becoming a symbol of fashion. At the same time, the tote bag is one of the must-have bags for fashionistas to travel, and is the first choice for shopping, school, and office workers.

Recommended tote bag styles

1. Lychee pattern tote bag. A bag that looks relatively plain on the surface, but the upper body seems to have magical power in an instant. The lychee pattern leather looks particularly noble, without too much modification, a simple piece of metal, a good finishing touch, giving This bag is dynamic.

2. Contrasting color tote bag. The contrasting color design makes this bag very attractive at first glance. Whether it is blue-white contrast or brown-white contrast, it is a fresh feeling. Simple design, super powerful storage function, so that whether you are daily commuting or casual shopping, you can load everything you have.

3. Color shoulder strap tote bag. The most attractive part of this bag is its shoulder strap. The simple tote bag surface makes the designer have nothing to do, so he shifts the direction to the shoulder strap. The contrasting geometric embroidered shoulder strap is a kind of ethnic style. It feels very characteristic.

Tote bag maintenance method

1. In order to maintain the original shape of the leather goods, please do not load too much, load too many items, and avoid putting pressure on heavy objects.

2. Avoid exposing the leather to sunlight or excessive humidity, and avoid direct contact with cosmetics or perfumes.

3. When the product is wet, please wipe it gently with a natural color, strong absorption, smooth cloth.

4. When not in use, please put the leather goods in a dust-proof bag. If you want to better protect the leather, you can put tissue paper on the inside.

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