What does it mean to send a boy wallet? What does it mean to give a boy wallet a girl?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-16

The wallet is a symbol of identity and personality. Even if it is small, it can also reflect fashion. It is very good to give a wallet as a gift. So what does it mean to give a boy wallet? What does it mean for a girl to give a boy wallet?

What does it mean to give a boy wallet? Maybe she thinks a little further, she still wants to live with you at home, cherish it. Giving a man's wallet can represent many meanings. At least, no matter what your feelings are, your feelings are good. But when a girl starts to save money for boys when she is dating with men, then at least it means that she cares about you and cares about you! Since she gave you a wallet, if you want to express your feelings more clearly, then give her a suitable gift too!

Which brand of wallet is good to send?

1. Short leather wallet: Short leather wallet is a birthday gift that can highlight boys' recklessness, not only of excellent leather quality and fashion The design attracts boys, and you can also customize the blessing text on the wallet, so as to send birthday wishes to boys and also bring wealth to them.

2. Long leather wallet: The atmospheric long leather wallet can not only reflect the competence that boys have, but also has more intelligence and more exquisite workmanship, so it is on the birthday of boys. , You can also customize a stylish and atmospheric long leather wallet to send him a unique birthday wish.

3. Men's casual wallets: Men's casual wallets made of genuine leather are also very popular as birthday gifts for boys, and the stylish design can make boys look more youthful and vigorous, of course. Practicality, as a birthday gift for boys is also particularly popular.

4. High-quality business wallets: high-end business bags are also a particularly attractive gift for boys, especially the exquisite workmanship and super high quality of business bags, which can be more prominent The capable temperament of the boys, of course, is also a birthday gift that makes boys feel particularly worthy of face.

How to choose men's wallet

Choose according to the material of the wallet. If you want to say what material men's wallet looks both noble and durable, you must count the wallets made of the first layer of cowhide. We know that the quality of the first layer of cowhide is the best when compared from the leather level. High-quality men’s wallets are made of the first layer of cowhide, whether it is fabric or lining, to ensure the quality and durability of the product; and it is cheap. High imitation men's wallets are often made of cowhide, and the lining will be replaced with PU rubber, which is shoddy. This is something you must pay attention to when buying.

Choose according to shallow practicality. Generally ordinary men's wallets can be used to store banknotes and bank cards. With the continuous development of wallet style design, some practical men's wallets are now more perfect in design, such as the design of a special place for storing coins, and the location of the card slot has been greatly increased. , And a zipper design, more in line with the modern male capable image.

Like shoes, leather wallets are another form of active material. Using the same leather wallet every day can easily cause the elasticity of the leather to fatigue, so you should use several interchangeably like shoes; If your wallet gets wet by accident, you can use a dry towel to soak up the moisture first, and then stuff newspapers, magazines and other things in it and dry it in the shade. Don't expose it to the sun directly, as it will discolor or deform your beloved wallet. .

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