What does it mean to put a condom in my wallet? Is putting a condom in your wallet to attract wealth?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-14

Nowadays, many men will put a condom in their wallet, which feels that it will have a better meaning, or it may play a role in their hearts. The following editor on No.5 will tell you what does it mean to put a condom in your wallet?

What does it mean to put a condom in a wallet

Almost everyone has a wallet, and some luxury wallets have become a symbol of personal taste. But not everyone uses it properly. If the color and style of the purse used does not conform to their own numerology five elements, the thinner and thinner the purse is used. On the contrary, you can pray for the effect of stimulating money.

There are different opinions about wallets. One of the more bizarre claims is that the condom square wallet can be used to attract wealth. 'Sperm' is a homonym for gold, but Chuangmingzhai reminds you that this is just a moral effect. Recruiting money depends on the specific circumstances of each person, that is, your own positive energy can attract money.

Legend of Wallet Fengshui

Legend 1: Bend money on the waist equal to money, which is not conducive to gathering wealth.

Chuang Mingzhai's answer: For the most part, this is an error. However, if you are the boss, or need to spend money on others, or the head of the unit, usually you don't need this kind of wallet.

Legend 2: An unzipped wallet does not gather wealth

Chuang Mingzhai's answer: This is also nonsense. At least one-third of my friends use this kind of wallet. After many migrant workers use this kind of wallet, they become entrepreneurs and bosses in a few years. Chuangmingzhai asks you, does this kind of wallet gather wealth but don’t gather wealth?

Legend 3: Short wallets are also wallets that don’t gather wealth.

Chuangmingzhai answers: Actually this is because It varies from person to person, and for most of my friends, it doesn't matter. However, it is not so suitable for the boss and friends with a wealth of wealth.

Legend 4: Blue wallet money will flow away like water

Chuang Mingzhai's answer: This is also untenable, the same reason as above. It should be said that in most cases it is not. But if a person happens to be a numerology and the five elements to avoid water, then the blue wallet is still not necessary. The corresponding gray and black should be used less or not.

Legend 5: The Red Wallet Leaks Money

Chuang Mingzhai replied: It is nonsense to say that the red wallet can easily run out of money and cannot save money. It should be said that it is not in most cases. But if a person happens to be a numerology and five elements to avoid fire, then the red wallet is still not necessary.

How to choose a wallet

(1) Wallets are commonly used, so practicality is naturally the highest principle. When choosing a wallet, regardless of style, quality, brand, and layer of cards Whether the number is enough, the interval inside, etc., should be the focus of consideration.

(2) Compared with a simple coin purse, a style that integrates a key case and a coin purse is more suitable for you who are more practical. It is also suitable for storing small items such as keys and coins. The capable image of modern women.

(3) Men's wallets are mainly made of dark leather materials, and the style is simple and generous! If you are a man with a bag, you can choose a rectangular wallet, if you carry it in your trouser pocket You can choose a wallet with money sideways! Don’t choose too expensive and too wasteful, and don’t buy too cheap to get the money.

(4) The metal parts of wallets, such as pull tabs, clasps, key hooks, etc., must be gilded in good condition. Generally speaking, copper products are less likely to rust and fade. Pay attention to whether the seams of the wallet are tight, but note that if it is too tight, the entire leather surface will be pulled too tightly, causing the wallet to rupture. Pay attention to whether there are too many seams on the leather surface. If there are too many seams, it means that it is made of multiple different pieces of leather. Therefore, a good wallet should avoid too many seams.

Precautions for wallet use

1. The wallet is a concrete manifestation of a person’s treasury, so we all need to pay attention to it. Chuang Mingzhai has written such articles several times. It can be said that a small purse contains everything.

2, the color of the wallet does affect a person's fortune. But the color of the wallet is not what people say, but it should be determined according to one's own numerology five elements.

3. Which style is used for the wallet? Chuang Mingzhai believes that the boss should use a zippered wallet. Of course, you can also choose a button wallet. However, Chuangmingzhai, a white-collar office worker, suggests that button-type wallets are not suitable.

4. How to deal with used wallets? Chuangmingzhai believes that used wallets should be given away carefully. Of course, if the wallet you used in the past was bought at will and does not conform to your numerology and five elements, then you can give it away. But if you buy the wallet based on your own five elements, you cannot give it away, even between husband and wife, brothers or sisters, or you will leak money.

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