What does it mean to give a boy's backpack? The meaning of giving a boy's backpack to a girl

by:JIYALI     2021-07-17

Boys also need to use backpacks, such as when bringing things to work, pay attention to the bag material when giving gifts. So what does it mean to give a boy's backpack? What does it mean for a girl to give a boy's backpack?

What does it mean to give a boy's backpack? In fact, what girls give to boys and boys will be very happy, which means that the meaning is not important. Girls who give things to boys definitely like this guy.

How to buy men’s backpacks

1. Look at the structural design of the bag: Whether men’s bags are easy to use, the structural design of the bag is the key, because it determines the practicality of the bag. Durability, comfort and many other aspects of performance. The function of the bag is not that the more the better, the overall design should be simple and practical, not fancy. A good men’s bag must first have a good backpack design system, such as whether the design of straps and waistbands is scientific. A comfortable bag should have wider, thicker and adjustable straps, waistbands and back cushions, because Men sometimes don’t rule out putting heavier items in their bags;

2. Look at the fabric materials of the bags: The most popular bag fabrics on the market are Oxford nylon cloth and polyester staple fiber canvas. , Cowhide, etc. Considering the characteristics of wear resistance, water resistance, and quality, the best choice is undoubtedly cowhide men’s bags, which take into account nobleness and durability, but the price will be slightly more expensive; if you consider from the perspective of cost performance, men with canvas texture Bags are also a good choice. Their styles are more fashionable and casual, and durability is guaranteed. I suggest that you can choose between cowhide and canvas according to your own economic situation.

3. Look at the volume of the bag: volume mainly refers to the size of the bag. The size of the bag selected by men should be determined according to the content of the work that the individual is often engaged in, and the size of the bag should be determined based on actual needs. It’s a big one, not a small one. If you are big, you can hold up dissatisfaction, but if you are small, you can’t hold it. And men’s bags are too small if they are not suitable, they will appear too stingy.

4. Look at the workmanship of the bag: the workmanship of the bag mainly depends on the quality of the stitching process between the shoulder belt and the bag body, between the fabric, the cover and the bag body, etc., to ensure the necessary stitching is firm The stitches should not be too large or too loose.

How to wash a backpack

1. The materials of a good backpack are usually coated and other special treatments. Generally, there will be cleaning methods on the label. It doesn't matter if you have a cheaper backpack or a backpack of non-special materials, just throw it in the washing machine.

2. In fact, even backpacks with special materials can be washed with water. For example, waterproof coatings are generally cleaned for about 10 times before they drop by one level. My Columbia and Lafuma hiking bags are thrown directly into the washing machine (I have a very slight cleanliness).

3. Remember to use a neutral lotion when washing. I directly use shower gel instead of washing powder (recommended by the person who sells the package). The effect is very good.

4. If you are worried about the drop in waterproofness, you can spray some water-repellent agent when it dries quickly. This is what others have said. My backpack is equipped with a rain cover. , So I haven't tried it.

5. Finally, remember not to be exposed to the sun when the backpack is wet (whether it is after washing or being wet in the rain).

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