What does Buddy bag mean? Let you free yourself

by:JIYALI     2021-07-17

Recently, there is a very popular style of bag called Buddy Bag, fashionable young people must have heard of it, this style of bag is very suitable for Buddy, so you can not be bagged. Bondage, then what kind of bag does Bundi bag refer to?

What is the meaning of the Bundi bag

The Bundi bag is a backpack that is convenient to carry when the Bundi bag.

The reason why it is called the small diagonal bag is called the bundy bag because its body design is simple, there is no extra decoration, the soft material does not like deformation, and there is no need to worry about scratching when bundling. In addition, the diagonal straddle is a body style, which does not take up your hands and does not worry about throwing it away. Moreover, it has a large capacity. Even if the mobile phone and keys are stuffed in it! Anti-fall and dry!

< /p>Recommended bungee bag styles

1.gucci waist bag

As the waist bag craze hits, Gucci’s waist bag is retro at first glance and has a very exquisite upper body. If you prefer hip-hop fashion, you can Here is one. The reason why it is said to be the most convenient bungee bag is because its body design is simple, there is no extra decoration, the soft material does not like deformation, and there is no need to worry about scratching when it is bungee; in addition, the style is tied on the waist, both It doesn’t take up your hands, and you don’t worry about throwing it away, and it has a large capacity. You can plug your mobile phone and lipstick inside! Anti-fall and dryness!

2. p>

This year's most popular square bag style does not look very big, but it can hold a lot of things. Mobile phones, card holders, keys, lipsticks, foundation boxes, eye shadow boxes, Marlboro, lighters... It’s no problem to act as the universal pocket of Tinkerbell, so it’s no exaggeration to say that it can hold the most!

3.Jimmy Choo sequin bag

People who go to the overnight shop know that everyone particularly likes to wear or wear some bling bling elements to go to the Di. Because in a dim environment, the flashlight hits the body, and the flashing accessories or clothes will reflect the beautiful light as the body dances, and it looks very eye-catching.

How does the bundy bag look good on the back?

The daily collocation of the bundy bag is also very versatile. You don’t need to pick a size, it's very suitable for height and short. It looks like a T-shirt + trousers you can wear. It's very trendy.

The matching of the plaid shirt also looks great, and it has a strong visual impact.

With a white T-shirt, it gives a casual style.

Characteristics of the bundy bag

1. Small size, convenient, no need to hold the phone, back on the body and light and comfortable, without delaying rotation, jumping, closing your eyes...


2. Practical, can be installed, it must be able to hold at least a mobile phone, lipstick, a few bank cards, and a bottle of fragrance, these are essential things for Bengdi. Anyway, as long as there is a need, you can install as many as you can.

3. The design is unique and flashy. Do you know you go to nightclubs? I always want to wear bling~bling~ Bo Ren's eyeballs!

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