What discounts are available at the sogo2017 store? 2017 Hong Kong sogo store celebration time

by:JIYALI     2021-06-28

Sogo is a well-known shopping place in Hong Kong, where a variety of big-name products gather. Every year, sogo will have large-scale store celebration promotions? So, what discount is there for the store celebration sogo2017? When is the 2017 Hong Kong sogo store celebration?

2017 Hong Kong sogo store celebration time

This year’s anniversary celebration time is May 12-28!

Suitable crowd for this guide

1. Novice purchasing

This guide has a lot of purchasing partners based on the summary of the Sogo store celebrations over the years, and senior purchasing agents will add in the comments. what!

2. Friends who go directly to scan the goods

Whether you buy it for yourself or bring it to a friend, please be fully prepared! If you have any questions, you can also leave a message Abaoha!

Preparation work

1. It is best to go together with two people

The most important thing is to work together. The queue time is long, but you need to choose a good suit. Try to go with more than two people, one in line, one pick and go, especially the limited edition suits, this trick is the most effective. Other less popular ones can be picked slowly. One person drags the box, and the other moves it. If there is only one person, it is more convenient to carry a backpack!

2, exchange for Hong Kong dollars, prepare change

Swiping the card is definitely going to be in line! The time depends on the popularity of the counter you want to buy, and every one starts in half an hour! Now there is a habit in Hong Kong specialty stores to separate the credit card from the gold coin team. If you don’t want to wait for a long time, remember to change the Hong Kong dollar.

But some friends have feedback that if you want to be faster, it’s not just to change to Hong Kong dollars. It is best to prepare enough change, which happens to be the money for the purchase of this suit. Otherwise, you will also have to line up to pay the bill, or whoever asks for the money Give you? It should be noted that some counters can check out by themselves, and some have to go to Sogo counters. At Sogo counter checkout, some people are crowded, some are not crowded, so run a few more and have a look.

3. Save the poster and go straight to the topic

Before you go, figure out which ones you want to buy and which ones you can see, go straight to the topic, Write down your goals. There will be a shop number in the upper left corner of each poster. Write down the name of the floor, shop, and suit, and go straight to the specialty store when you arrive! Because I don’t have time to pick it slowly for you~ Abao will update the discount posters synchronously, so stay tuned~

4. If you only buy cosmetics or bags, then go to Tsim Sha Tsui

SOGOs in Causeway Bay are generally crowded, but the shopping malls are large and there are many types of goods, and the big names are all. Some suits are cheaper than Tsim Sha Tsui, but there are really very many people. If you really want to go to Causeway Bay, you must be determined to make a bloody road! ! So the editor feels that although some suits in Tsim Sha Tsui are not discounted very low, they can still be bought, at least there are fewer capable people!

Discount activities

1. Cosmetics

When the shop celebrates, the most people buy cosmetic sets! Because there will be a lot of discounts on suits during the store celebration, and some are limited editions, and you can’t get it for a minute!

If the mall opens at 10 in the morning and then comes at 10 o’clock, it’s possible. Can't grab anything. However, even if I arrived at the mall at 9:30, there were already many people in line at several entrances. Therefore, it is necessary to take advantage of the time and place earlier!

2, brand-name shoes and bags

There are also brand-name clothing. There are still a lot of brand-name bags in the Causeway Bay store of Sogo Department Store. According to the discount situation over the years, such as Longines, COACH, KS These big brands are generally discounted, so you know~ See Xinyi's style, just take it. Many people will buy a trolley case. If you want to buy a lot of things, you can buy a trolley case halfway through. This way, putting the trophies into the case will be a lot easier.

There are also a lot of discounts on shoes. Leather shoes are on the B1 floor, while sports shoes and sportswear are on the 4th floor. Sports shoes are also discounted every year during the store celebration. It's not bad, it's worth buying.

3. Brand jewelry

There are really many jewelry brands in Causeway Bay, such as Tiffany, Foli Folie, Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Zhenjin Store and so on. You can see them! Moreover, the price of gold in Hong Kong is cheaper than that in the Mainland, and the manual costs are relatively low, so gold jewelry can be bought!

4. Snacks

Now there is also a supermarket in Tsim Sha Tsui! So if you want to buy food, you can't pull it down here! During the festival, many foods are discounted, which can be said to be super cost-effective, even cheaper than supermarkets such as Wellcome and Baijia!

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