What color saddle bag looks good What color saddle bag matches with clothes

by:JIYALI     2021-07-11

The saddle bag is a very popular bag style this year. The appearance of this bag is very similar to the saddle. It is not the same as the traditional bag. It is very individual. Then, among the many colors, which colors Saddle bag is better with clothes?

Black saddle bag

In fact, no matter what style of bag, black is generally the most versatile color. Therefore, among the many colors of saddle bag, small The first thing I want to recommend to everyone is the black saddle bag. In the coming autumn and winter, the calm and atmospheric black saddle bag can hold various styles, giving people a cool feeling.

Brown saddle bag

The caramel brown saddle bag with Jing Tian back is also very western, brown is much easier than black, and it is lighter and thinner in spring and summer. The clothes will be more suitable, especially when wearing more colorful clothes like this, in fact, it will be more fashionable with a simple solid color bag.

Fancy saddle bag

The last is a black and white color-blocking saddle bag. The color-blocking saddle bag is actually more dynamic than the solid color model. This color-blocking saddle bag Bags are also backed by many celebrities. They will look very good when matched with some simple color clothing. It adds a brightening effect to the overall match. It is recommended to girls who have more plain clothes.

Are there any saddle bags in these three colors that you like?

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