What color of the backpack looks good? Cheap and good-looking backpack brand

by:JIYALI     2021-07-05

From the day we went to school, our parents would buy us a small backpack schoolbag. How long I was when I was young, even if I am out of work now, I still find the backpack beautiful and practical. The following backpacks are recommended for everyone There are a variety of colors, and the price is super high, but it looks good.

What color of the backpack looks good?

1. Yellow backpack

Yellow is a sunny and warm color. This summer I carry a yellow shoulder Bag, walking on the street, looks very energetic, sometimes I really feel that wearing some bright or matching bright accessories can make me feel happy.

2. Pink backpack

How can you miss the 'girly heart'? The pink backpack is hit at a glance, the soft cute girl's favorite .

3. Blue backpack

Whether it is light or dark, blue is a good color to match, light colors will be more generous and elegant, dark colors It seems calmer.

4. Green backpack

This year's hot green, how can you miss it, if you want to be an avocado girl, then even the backpack should be green.

5. Red backpack

Warm red, just like this summer, put it on your back and leave a beautiful demeanor on the street.

6. White backpack

White, known as the 'king of all-matchIt’s safe to say that the white backpack looks good no matter how you match it.

Recommend super nice backpacks

1, leather stitching backpack

All the bags in the picture are from Mengya. The style design of this backpack is very outdoor It feels good, but it is also very suitable for urban office workers. The moderately sized backpack style has both practical functions and does not appear to be very burdensome.

The concise and atmospheric colors and the stitching of the fabrics are particularly textured. It is worth mentioning that its bags are quite earth-colored, so they are quite resistant to dirt. In addition, the texture of the fabrics is particularly good.

2, Kawaii backpack

If you are a girl who likes cute style, then you can try the 'Ramen Maruko' backpack, the price is very cheap. But the design is very cute. It gives you a sense of 'rejuvenation' in an instant, with a back style and a concave shape, which is definitely quite nice

3, college style big bag backpack

Summer choice Backpacks, the refreshing blue with a super-obvious heat-reducing effect, must be arranged. Nylon or canvas fabrics will be more student-like, and the design of the big bag can really fit. If you don't want to be too young and low-necked, you can try color matching or leather fabrics.

It has the same visual cooling effect as the blue bag, but compared to the blue, the green backpack has a little fresh aura and looks more pleasant. In addition, compared to the more classic round styles, the angular squares will be more fashionable.

Orange styles will be more western and youthful, increase the overall attractiveness of the shape, and match clothes will be better Age reduction effect.

4, retro backpack

The stiff leather, or the retro backpack with double-sided stitching, will have a hint of time precipitation, making it not only functional Function, decoration is also very meaningful, especially suitable for autumn and winter matching clothes.

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