What color of shoulder bag is versatile, teach you to choose the right color

by:JIYALI     2021-07-06

When we are shopping for a shoulder bag, in addition to the style of the shoulder bag, the color is also a very important shopping criterion. Otherwise, it will be embarrassing to buy home without clothes to wear. Then, the shoulder bag What color is generally more versatile?

What color is versatile for the shoulder bag

1. Black shoulder bag is the eternal theme, and the classic color system is endless, no matter what color clothing is matched, it will not appear uncoordinated.

2. The khaki shoulder bag is also a classic color second only to black. It is absolutely versatile and a must-have for everyone.

3. The gray shoulder bag is especially suitable for women in the workplace. It has a calm, independent and confident temperament, and it will not cause any conflict when matched with clothes of various colors.

4. The apricot shoulder bag is a very popular color in recent years. Although it is slightly lighter than khaki, the color of this earth color system is also very Baidu, very There is a British retro style.

Shoulder bag color recommendation

1. Pure black shoulder bag

Pure black shoulder bag has always been versatile, matching skirts and pants of various colors Will not show low, I believe it is also the first choice for many MM. If there are sequins on the pure black shoulder bag, it will be more fashionable. You can choose this one when you buy.

2. Colored shoulder bag

Bright colors have always been easy to impact people's eyeballs, adding points to the appearance. If you go out on the street with a colorful shoulder bag, I believe that the personality and vitality will be immediately highlighted. But pay extra attention when matching colored shoulder bags with clothes. It is best not to match with color-contrasting clothes. It is recommended that the clothes color be plain.

3. Color-blocking shoulder bag

The color-blocking shoulder bag, in short, is a bag that combines various color blocks. The reason for this is to highlight the sense of fashion and make people feel that this bag is quite distinctive, but when buying, pay attention to the upper and lower color blocks not to be uncoordinated, otherwise it is very difficult to match clothes.

4. Retro color shoulder bag

Retro color is the favorite of some MMs, and naturally MMs will buy it. Moreover, retro color bags are also quite fashionable. It is recommended that MMs that do not have one can start one.

Shoulder bag purchase rules

1. Choose according to your figure

The MM with a good figure and full upper circumference, but a thick waist is suitable for buying rectangular bags , Because it can be the right size, but also highlight the figure. As the upper circumference is small and the figure is thin, don't buy a large bag. This will look very cumbersome. It is recommended to buy a triangle bag.

2. Choose according to practicality

Practical and fashionable shoulder bag, of course, it is the favorite of many MMs. Therefore, when purchasing, consider the beauty of the bag and remember to consider the practicality. Generally, it can hold more small and odd things, and the items will not be too messy to put in, and it is the most suitable to meet your own needs.

How to maintain a shoulder bag

1. Choose the right storage location

The bag is most protected from water, so moisture-proof work must be done well. To avoid the bag being soaked by water, you must first choose the right place. It is recommended to keep it away from water sources and walls, and it is best to put it in a cabinet.

2. Avoid collision with sharp objects

Whether it’s a shoulder bag or a backpack, it’s easy to get scratches when it hits a sharp object. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, Be careful at ordinary times. When you see sharp objects, you should go around directly to avoid touching and causing 'injury' to the bag.

3. Don't carry it for a long time.

The strap of the bag has a limited ability to withstand heavy objects. If you carry it for a long time, the strap is easily damaged, so try not to do this.

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