What color is the wedding bag? Does the wedding bag have to be red?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-01

When getting married, the bride usually carries a bag in her hand. Which bag is the most common color is also red, so what color is good for the wedding bag? Does the wedding bag have to be red? Let’s take a look.

What color is the best wedding bag?

1. Red

When choosing the color of the wedding bag, the most common color is red. The red bag is most suitable for the auspicious and festive atmosphere of the wedding. The red bag is also very versatile, and it is also more practical in normal times.

2, pink

Pink is one of the colors that many girls like very much. The tender pink looks very girlish. If the theme color of the wedding is pink, then the pink bag is a very good choice.

3. Ivory white

Ivory white bags go well with pure white wedding dresses. Generally, brides-to-be will choose rhinestone-inlaid velvet bags or pearl bags. Beautiful and luxurious.

Does the wedding bag have to be red?

There is no fixed requirement for the color of the wedding bag, as long as it matches well with the clothing style and color. Many people choose red wedding bags. First, red is festive, which is in line with the atmosphere of the wedding. Second, red is a good match. No matter what style of dress you wear, it can play a role in echoing or setting off. Therefore, many people are choosing the color of wedding bags. When the time, they will choose red.

The wedding bag can also choose other colors, such as gold, pink, etc. If you choose these colors, you must pay attention to the matching with the wedding dress and dress. It must be matched with the bride's white wedding dress and Chinese dress, and on the wedding day, the wedding bag is often held by the bridesmaid, so it must be matched with the bridesmaid's outfit.

Do I have to buy a bag for marriage?

On the wedding day, the bride usually prepares a wedding bag. The wedding bag is mainly for storing some scattered small items, which also includes the money. The wedding bag does not mean that it can be used only on the day of the wedding, and the bride can continue to use it after the marriage.

How big is the bridal bag?

The style and size of the wedding bag are actually not much different from the usual bags, but the color is usually red. As for the size of the wedding bag, you need to choose the wedding bag corresponding to the size according to the number of items placed. If you need to put a lot of things, you should choose a larger wedding bag, but it should not be too large to affect the aesthetics. .

There may be many small items in the wedding bag, such as hairpins, snacks, and red envelopes. Therefore, the size of the wedding bag should not be too small. It is recommended to choose a medium-sized wedding bag, which is a versatile style or a little bit Chic design styles are available in red, pink and other colors. Choose more inner layers, such as zipper pockets, sandwich bags, mobile phone bags, and ID bags, so that the red envelopes, mobile phones, power banks and other items on the wedding day can be placed in different categories. Try not to choose open styles for wedding bags to prevent things from falling out. When choosing a wedding bag, it must be convenient to carry, convenient to hold and put items, convenient and fast, and save trouble and worry.

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